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June 16, 2019
by Deborah Burgess
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Getting Ready for the Ag+Art Tour Weekend

***Plan to come enjoy our farm next weekend, June 22 from 10:00-4:00 and June 23 from 1:00-5:00. There will be self guided tours, hay wagon rides, and fun things for the kids! We’ll have an artist in residence as well as
lots of delightful farm country products in our market!***

It’s crunch time here on Fox Trot Farm! We’re spiffing up the whole farm!

Farmer Bob and our friend and helper Ed are working hard spreading mulch and weeding all the beds.

They built a new hen house! Continue Reading →

banana pudding

May 31, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

A day full of family, friends and banana pudding.

***Our farm market and tours will be closed this Sunday and we’ll reopen for the Ag & Art Tour on June 22nd & 23rd.***

This is the time of year my dear Aunt Ina comes to visit, and I get to spend two whole weeks filling my days with joy doing fun things with her. Yesterday, Thursday, was our last day together in South Carolina until next spring’s visit, and we had a full, fun, day!banana pudding

One thing I wanted to do before taking Aunt Ina home was to make an old fashioned banana pudding as a special treat, and I hurried in the late morning to get it in the oven before we had to leave to meet friends for lunch. I did it! (You can tell I was in a hurry because I didn’t get all the sugar in the meringue dissolved; hence, the little droplets of sugary sweetness on top of the meringue.) I just use the recipe that’s on the box of Nilla wafers, but I double the pudding and meringue so it fills my casserole dish. I’ve made the “cheater” banana pudding with instant pudding and Cool Whip, but THIS is the REAL thing, and so worth the extra effort!

And then we were off to Waxhaw! This group of girlfriends began with our quilting retreat friends, and then we added extra farming, weaving, and spinning friends. Aunt Ina always enjoys these gatherings, all the fun and laughter, AND good food! We met this time at 701 Main, a GREAT restaurant in Waxhaw, NC. There were 15 of us this time! Wow! (You can see Aunt Ina sitting next to me.) Some of our out of town friends couldn’t make it, and there are always a few who have other commitments. You were missed! We are calling ourselves the “Out to Lunch Bunch,” and here we are: Continue Reading →

Sheep Shed

May 26, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

It’s a hot day on Fox Trot Farm, but our animals are cool!

***We’re open today from 1:00-5:00, and Farmer Bob is conducting his fun guided tour at 2:00.
Take an easy stroll down our country lane and enjoy the farm!***


It’s looking like this will be a toasty week, so Farmer Bob and his friend and farm helper Ed got busy building some extra shade for our young yews. Continue Reading →

Brooder House Chicks

May 15, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Happy Chicks in the Morning

Every morning at dawn, Cookie and I head out to the brooder house to let our “baby” chicks out for the day. I can hear the chicks in the house, chirping and rustling around, ready to get busy outside looking for bugs and socializing. This picture looks nice and calm, right?

Brooder House

I open the door and it’s like a floodgate! All the chicks spill out! My, how they’ve grown! Continue Reading →

Mother's Day Flowers

May 12, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Another Soggy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day

***Our market and tours are cancelled for today due to all-night rains and impending severe weather this afternoon.***

Our farm is beautiful no matter the weather, but this morning everyone’s mood is that we’re sort of ready for a pretty Sunday. Our beautiful roses are hanging heavy from the beating they received last night from the heavy rains. Everything is soggy!

Soggy Roses

While meantime, in the kitchen, these flowers from our son and his girlfriend are bright and cheery! Continue Reading →

Mr. Peacock at the front door

May 5, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

We had a scary storm yesterday!

***No Farm Market or Guided Tour today due to the heavy rains last evening
and all through the night and early morning.***

The weatherman said we’d have a chance of storms yesterday afternoon, and boy, did we ever! The sky grew dark dark dark to the southwest while Farmer Bob hurried and got the feed and hay unloaded from his truck.  I ran outside to move my truck from under a tree to park it in its safe spot and, on the way back to the house, I stopped to take care of the bunnies. I laid my truck keys on top of the hutch while I filled up their waterers and topped off their feed. (Remember that!)

I had decided on making a boiled supper (ham, cabbage & potatoes, YUM) for supper, but looking at that sky made me think that we might not have power once the storms hit, so I got out the pressure cooker. I used to cook for folks in Charlotte as a personal chef, and years ago I’d purchased a Russell Hobbs 8 quart electric pressure cooker to speed up my client cook days. I guess I was way ahead of the Instant Pot craze. I actually love this pressure cooker. It’s like a big oval slow cooker, only it’s a pressure cooker. I got supper started and the storm hit!

Farmer Bob had put Cookie in the house and had just gone out to put the rest of the dogs in the kennel and feed the cats when the storm descended in all its fury. It was dark as twilight and torrents of rain fell with what looked like gale force winds, the way the trees were blowing. The house shook with thunder and Cookie was scared! I peeked out the back door to the cabin and took a picture.

Cabin in the storm
The rain was coming down so hard that you can barely see the trees beyond the cabin roof. Farmer Bob was in the cabin and he said that all the dogs were huddled around him. Then the pea size hail fell and it was loud in the cabin because of the tin roof, but with lumber and things in the loft, it wasn’t too bad. Farmer Bob said it was probably even more loud in the goat barn, hitting that tin roof with nothing to muffle the sound. 

Meanwhile, I decided to step out onto the front porch to watch the storm, and found Mr. Peacock at the front door. I swear, if I’d have opened the door and invited him inside, he’d have been a house guest! I decided to leave him alone, and I went back to cooking supper.

Mr. Peacock at the front door during the storm Continue Reading →

April 28, 2019
by Deborah Burgess
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Even the ducks are sleeping in this morning.

Our farm market will be closed today.
Please text me to let me know if you’d like to pick up eggs or honey
at 803-804-3541.

Yesterday was a busy day on Fox Trot Farm. Even the ducks are sleeping in this morning! (It was the opening day of a quilting/sewing retreat that I facilitate at The Homeplace Bed & Breakfast, so I headed out early and missed all the action.) Our friend and farm helper, Ed, arrived to help Bob around 9:30, and they worked steadily all day. Something special happened at Fox Trot Farm yesterday, and even the ducks are sleeping in this morning!

Can you tell what happened at the farm yesterday? Take a close look at the picture below. Continue Reading →


April 14, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Tornado Watch all Day, so no Farm Market

The weatherman is telling us that we’re under a tornado watch all day today, so we will hold off on having the farm market and won’t be doing a guided tour, either. After yesterday’s rain, it’s far too muddy to enjoy strolling around the farm, anyway. But pretty…it’s oh so pretty here! There are a lot of puddles after yesterday’s rain.

Rainy Driveway

We love our porch when it’s raining. The rain washed the pollen off everything! Continue Reading →

March 31, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Guided Tour Fun with the Animals

Our visitors always have a great time on our Farmer Bob guided tour. He invites guests to enjoy his guided tour every Sunday afternoon (when we’re open and the weather is pretty) at 2:00, and by appointment for groups over 10 on weekdays. This past week we had a great group of students, teachers, and chaperones, and it was a PERFECT spring day for a tour.

Cookie greeted everyone as they got off the bus. She had a blast meeting all our visitors. She has a way of coaxing everyone to give her a belly rub or scratch, even people who are scared of dogs. She also accompanies the group on the entire tour, often times leading the way.

The tour started with Farmer Bob explaining about our predators, and a nice display of his skull and turtle shell collection. Our educational bee hive was out for everyone to explore. Continue Reading →

March 17, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Spring Blossoms Survived the Cold!

We’re so excited that our cold nights didn’t destroy our blueberry blossoms! For the past four years, we’ve had several nights in a row of ambient temps below freezing when the blossoms were tender, which resulted in barely a handful of blueberries in the summer. One of Farmer Bob’s goals is to offer “pick your own” blueberries to our visitors. We’ll see if this is the year!

Here are some more spring blooms on the farm:

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