Fox Trot Farm

Grass Fed Lamb and Fresh Eggs from our Happy Hens

Peeps on Fox Trot Farm
Peeps on Fox Trot Farm

We have peeps! (And our farm feature on SC ETV!)


Did you see us on Making It Grow on SC ETV? We were very pleased with everything, except Farmer Bob and I both noticed that we are enjoying Granny Bee’s baking a little too much. 😉

If you missed the show, you can find it right HERE. If you’d like to come for a visit, we’re open every Sunday (unless posted here and on our Facebook page) from 1:00-5:00. We do a guided tour at 2:00 for just $5/person and that takes about an hour and a half. (Be sure to wear closed toe shoes because you’ll be walking gentle trails that are gravel and forest floor, and some grass.) There will be lots of goodies in the farm market from Granny Bee’s bakery, soap made from our honey and beeswax, quilted treasures, farm fresh eggs and our delicious processed lamb.

I just love to get peeps in the mail, and this time we got a delivery of 40 little fluffy cuties! It will be 6 months or so till these girls start laying eggs, so we always have to plan ahead. This time we ordered four varieties: Production Reds (for their large brown eggs almost every day), Golden Comets (also for large brown eggs), Araucanas (for their pretty blue-green eggs), and Cuckoo Marans (for their dark chocolate brown colored eggs). Even though they’re still just babies, you can see which chicks are which breed. They fit in one brooder box right now, but they are growing fast and I’ll soon have to split them between two brooder boxes. Keep your fingers crossed that Farmer Bob will get the new hen house built before these little darlings outgrow their brooders!


Wow! I can hear the thunder rumbling in the near distance and it’s nearly continuous. We just got a tornado warning, so I’m hunkered down and watching the radar closely. So far, it looks like our farm is just a bit east of where all the action is. Cookie is worried!

Cookie is worried

It’s a good day for baking, and Granny Bee is busy in the kitchen. Sure smells good in here! More Amish friendship bread in the making for our farm market on Sunday. Keeps my mind off the storms to be doing something constructive, and  I love to bake. Wish I could make this a “scratch ‘n sniff” blog and send you the aroma of the baking!

Earlier, when I was outside feeding Gracie, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the roses are in the rain. Even hanging heavy with rain, they are beautiful!



We’ve weathered the storm (literally) and hope it didn’t do any damage as it moved north. I’d better go collect eggs while it’s JUST raining, and not raining AND blowing AND thundering.

Hope you enjoyed the Making It Grow segment about our farm as much as we did, and we hope to see you soon for a first hand visit!




  1. You keep Farmer Bob very busy! And out of trouble for sure!

  2. Great job Debbie! You’re famous now! Beautiful farm and animals.

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