Fox Trot Farm

Grass Fed Lamb and Fresh Eggs from our Happy Hens


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Every recipe begins with a top quality product:

The breed of sheep we raise produces lean, tender, and juicy meat with a mild flavor. The health of the animal contributes to the quality of our products, so we make sure our farm is a low-stress environment for all our animals, and they are able to range at will in the fresh air and sunshine. We have chosen a certified humane processor to ensure that our harvested animals are not stressed, and the facility is USDA inspected so we can be confident that the utmost care is made to prepare our products in a clean and humane facility. The State of South Carolina has inspected our sales area and freezers and have approved our farm for sale to the public. Because all our products are stamped by the USDA inspector, we may also transport and sell to restaurants, across state lines, and also ship to other states. We have made every effort to make sure that our products are the highest quality.

How we like to cook our lamb: Although we enjoy ethnic recipes, a good many of them are very highly seasoned to hide the strong and gamy flavor of older sheep (mutton) or other breeds not bred specifically for their meat. We like to taste the mild and sweet flavor of our Fox Trot Farm products, so our recipes are more traditionally “American” in nature, and from ingredients that the average home cook already has at hand, or are commonly available at any local supermarket.

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