Fox Trot Farm

Grass Fed Lamb, Fresh Eggs, Honey, Soap, Tours, & Farm Fun!

Farm Tours & Hours

***Due to the very wet winter weather this year, we will be closed to farm tours until March. Please call us if you need any lamb, eggs, honey or soap in the meantime. 803-804-3541. You can also visit us at the Waxhaw Farmers Market, every other Saturday morning from 10-Noon.***

Special closings will be announced on this website blog and on our Facebook page. Please call before you come if you are in doubt. Phone or text 803.804.3541.

Self-guided tours are free on our once-a-month Fox Trot Farm Fun Day, and we’ll give you a map so you can find your way around. Wear comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes to tour our farm, and if it’s been rainy, be sure to wear your boots or old sneakers. (Guided tours are by appointment on other days for groups of a minimum of 10 people over 2 years old.) There is no special time you need to be here for the self-guided tours. Hay wagon rides are free after the guided tour. Phone or text 803.804.3541 for more information or to make an appointment.

Boys Lambs  


Tours are on Market Sundays at 2:00 and by appointment for groups of 10 or more on other days.

Young and old alike enjoy touring our farm. Each guided farm tour takes about an hour and a half as we take visitors through our farm and teach them about our farm practices and the breeds of animals we have. Tours begin with lambs to pet, the dairy goats to enjoy, Pork Chop the potbelly pig to feel his bristles, and continue across the pond dam, where our Welsh Harlequin ducks can be seen enjoying the water. We continue up the trail past the pastures containing the guardian dogs and their sheep and across the wooden foot bridge to the Back Forty to where you will see our breeding ewes, rams, and lambs in season, as well as their guardian dogs. Heading back, you’ll get a chance to scratch Clarence the standard spotted jack’s long ears, and then we visit the chickens and everyone can pick up eggs right from our hen house. We finish at the apiary to talk about honeybees, and then stop in at our hand washing station, which is a rustic potting bench hand-crafted by Farmer Bob. Back at the house, visitors can shop for lamb (seasonal), eggs, and honey while the children enjoy honey sticks. Self-Guided Tours follow the same route, without feeding the chickens and picking up eggs. We have a public restroom and bottled water, or bring your own beverage and take a break in a rocking chair or at the picnic table. We accept credit cards, but prefer cash or personal check due to the cost of credit card processing.

NEW for 2019! Hiking trails on the Back Forty! We’ve marked a series of short hiking trails on the Back Forty, so you can extend your visit by enjoying a stroll through the pasture and woods to the old pond, where you might see wood ducks and other wild life. The trails are broad and grassy and easy to walk.

  • Learn about our sheep, goats, and poultry while strolling along our easy walking paths through the farm.
  • Pet Pork Chop the potbelly pig and feel his bristles.
  • Discover the many predators that threaten our farm animals, and the important role our livestock guardian dogs play.
  • Visit our free range hens and Mr. Rooster, and learn about his important job in the flock, then pick up beautiful brown and blue eggs right from the nest boxes.
  • Hand washing station and public restroom.
  • You are welcome to bring a cooler with drinks, or water is available for $1/bottle.
  • 18th century log cabin
  • Wear closed toe shoes or boots for walking the trails.
  • Bring your camera and charge up your cell phone or tablet for pictures!
  • We love pets and have quite a few, but please leave your family pets at home.

*Please call 803-804-3541 before you come to make sure we’re open for business and tours. We farmers are at the mercy of the weather at all times and will not have tours during inclement weather.