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Farmer Bob with Lamb

October 6, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Lambing Season, Waxhaw Farmers Market and New FTF Market & Tour Schedule

Whew! What a long hot summer it’s been! So hot that we took a hiatus from our Sunday market and tours here at the farm. Visitors were melting, we were melting, and our farm animals didn’t want to come out of the shade. We were one of the lucky farms among our neighbors, and got the occasional heavy shower throughout the summer so our ponds remained almost full and the pastures green, but oh my! The heat and humidity! Whew!

In the steaming hours of the summer, during chores and the many projects underway, Farmer Bob suggested that maybe we should open our farm market just one Sunday each month instead of weekly. With just the two of us manning the farm market, and Farmer Bob still working his weekday job, many projects are left for the weekends and, besides, with our return to the Waxhaw Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, we’re often wishing for a day of rest or “catch up” on Sundays. So, our next market day here on Fox Trot Farm will be Sunday, October 27th. We’ll have lamb meat, honey, soap, and crafty things for sale, and Farmer Bob will be conducting the guided tour at 2:00 with hay rides, too. We’ll continue doing by-appointment guided tours for groups of 10 or more.

Now we are in the middle of lambing season. Hobart was fast asleep in the shade when the first lambs were born but, as soon as he discovered he had babies in the field to watch over, his normal no-monkey-business fearsome expression turned all soft and happy.

Hobart Happy Face

What a nice lamb for our first of the season! You can see the big girl behind the fence, a “lady in waiting.” Continue Reading →

Tallow Packed in Containers

July 21, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

When it’s hot outside, I get in the kitchen and make tallow!

***Our farm market and tour will be closed today due to excessive heat. Stay cool!***

Wow! It sure is summer in the South! It was high humidity, high 90 degrees, and Farmer Bob moved slowly and methodically outside all day Saturday. I got in the kitchen to start prepping for making soap this coming week. Anything to stay inside!

Last fall I asked our certified humane processor to save me some suet (beef fat) the next time he processes beef, and he did. Boy, did he ever! He sent me a whole box back with our lamb, forty pounds!

Suet Frozen Continue Reading →

July 19, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Lost and Found Cinnamon Bread Recipe DIY

This past week, my friend Laurie asked my advice about a cinnamon bread recipe she’d found. To be exact, she said her mother found it and thinks it is a recipe that her grandmother used to make one of her favorite childhood breads. She’d long thought that it was lost forever. They tried the recipe and it was a failure, so we sat down with the original recipe to take a look. Here it is:

You can see where my friend started taking notes as we read the recipe together and I answered questions and made suggestions. If I’d only had one more day with her, we’d have baked it together but, alas, I had to go home, so I camscanned this page and promised I would bake it and send her a tutorial, so here it is. 🙂 Continue Reading →

July 4, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Happy Birthday, USA!

We all have so much to be proud of and thankful for in our great country. Farmer Bob and I hope that all our farm friends have a wonderful day today celebrating our nation’s birthday! If you have family and friends coming in for the weekend, stop by and see us on Sunday. We’ll be open from 1:00-5:00, and Farmer Bob will have the hay wagon ride rolling!


Wagon ride on Fox Trot Farm

June 28, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Sunday Funday Tours on the Farm

Almost every Sunday is Funday on Fox Trot Farm, but last weekend we had 292 visitors having fun on our farm for our county’s annual  Ag+Art Tour! Wow! Farmer Bob and I were thrilled to make new friends and see so many old ones again. I was so busy that I barely had time to snap any photos! Here are a few:

Farmer Bob and his hay wagon were busy the entire time! He used his big red tractor to haul loads of happy visitors to the footbridge to the Back Forty trails, then brought back another group. Round and round they went, back and forth! Lots of people visited the animals, scratched ears and backs, and then went for their hay wagon ride through the woods to the Back Forty.

Continue Reading →

Ag+Art Tour Sign

June 21, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Come Tour our Farm & Enjoy the Animals and Artists!

It’s early Friday morning, just before dawn, and I went out to open the door to the brooder house to let the young hens out. It was so peaceful and quiet because all our animals were still bedded down for the night. Pork Chop was still in his pigloo, Gracie and Martha had their chins curled back on their wool backs, Clarence was still as a statue under the trees in his paddock. I could still see the moon, and the big white rooster was crowing up on the hill. I stood there just soaking in the tranquility, trying to bank it for retrieval, because the next two days are going to be CRAZY fun! The Ag+Art Tour is here!!!

We’ll open the gate tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10:00, and at 1:00 on Sunday. Plug our address into your GPS (5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster), and watch for these signs:

Ag+Art Tour Sign

And then this sign in our front yard:

Fox Trot Farm Sign

Ed and Timothy will be there to direct your parking across the street in our neighbor’s yard. Check in at the centuries-old log cabin and pick up your map of the farm. Walk the paths and hiking trails, following the map and reading about all you are seeing. If walking isn’t your thing, then jump on the hay wagon for an easy ride, and Farmer Bob will give you the quick tour. We have all the “comfort” facilities you’ll need, and will have icy cold bottled water for sale if you need it, too. There is a lot of cool shade to enjoy! Continue Reading →

June 16, 2019
by Deborah Burgess
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Getting Ready for the Ag+Art Tour Weekend

***Plan to come enjoy our farm next weekend, June 22 from 10:00-4:00 and June 23 from 1:00-5:00. There will be self guided tours, hay wagon rides, and fun things for the kids! We’ll have an artist in residence as well as
lots of delightful farm country products in our market!***

It’s crunch time here on Fox Trot Farm! We’re spiffing up the whole farm!

Farmer Bob and our friend and helper Ed are working hard spreading mulch and weeding all the beds.

They built a new hen house! Continue Reading →

banana pudding

May 31, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

A day full of family, friends and banana pudding.

***Our farm market and tours will be closed this Sunday and we’ll reopen for the Ag & Art Tour on June 22nd & 23rd.***

This is the time of year my dear Aunt Ina comes to visit, and I get to spend two whole weeks filling my days with joy doing fun things with her. Yesterday, Thursday, was our last day together in South Carolina until next spring’s visit, and we had a full, fun, day!banana pudding

One thing I wanted to do before taking Aunt Ina home was to make an old fashioned banana pudding as a special treat, and I hurried in the late morning to get it in the oven before we had to leave to meet friends for lunch. I did it! (You can tell I was in a hurry because I didn’t get all the sugar in the meringue dissolved; hence, the little droplets of sugary sweetness on top of the meringue.) I just use the recipe that’s on the box of Nilla wafers, but I double the pudding and meringue so it fills my casserole dish. I’ve made the “cheater” banana pudding with instant pudding and Cool Whip, but THIS is the REAL thing, and so worth the extra effort!

And then we were off to Waxhaw! This group of girlfriends began with our quilting retreat friends, and then we added extra farming, weaving, and spinning friends. Aunt Ina always enjoys these gatherings, all the fun and laughter, AND good food! We met this time at 701 Main, a GREAT restaurant in Waxhaw, NC. There were 15 of us this time! Wow! (You can see Aunt Ina sitting next to me.) Some of our out of town friends couldn’t make it, and there are always a few who have other commitments. You were missed! We are calling ourselves the “Out to Lunch Bunch,” and here we are: Continue Reading →

Sheep Shed

May 26, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

It’s a hot day on Fox Trot Farm, but our animals are cool!

***We’re open today from 1:00-5:00, and Farmer Bob is conducting his fun guided tour at 2:00.
Take an easy stroll down our country lane and enjoy the farm!***


It’s looking like this will be a toasty week, so Farmer Bob and his friend and farm helper Ed got busy building some extra shade for our young yews. Continue Reading →

Brooder House Chicks

May 15, 2019
by Deborah Burgess

Happy Chicks in the Morning

Every morning at dawn, Cookie and I head out to the brooder house to let our “baby” chicks out for the day. I can hear the chicks in the house, chirping and rustling around, ready to get busy outside looking for bugs and socializing. This picture looks nice and calm, right?

Brooder House

I open the door and it’s like a floodgate! All the chicks spill out! My, how they’ve grown! Continue Reading →