Fox Trot Farm

Grass Fed Lamb and Fresh Eggs from our Happy Hens

Snow on the Fence

Oh No! Snow!



Our farm is so beautiful in the snow! This is a photo from one of the prettiest snows we had way back in 2009.

The weatherman is calling for a cold and snowy or cold and rainy Sunday tomorrow (March 12) so we’re going to put on a pot of hot chocolate and stay inside after we get our animals fed. We hope you all stay safe and warm and dry, too! Our farm market will be closed tomorrow but, if you need eggs or lamb, please give us a call before you come out (803-804-3541) and we’ll be happy to help you. Since the animals will be all tucked in, we won’t be having any tours, either.

Our farm market will be open (God willing and the creeks don’t rise, as they say) next Sunday, March 19, from 1:00-5:00, and our farm tour will be at 2:00.

Funny that our animals won’t care about what the clock says, but here’s a reminder that daylight savings time starts in the wee hours tomorrow morning. That means that instead of the rooster crowing at 4:00, he’ll be crowing at 5:00. Farmers don’t care much about daylight savings time…chores are done by the sun, not by an act of Congress!

Rooster Crowing

We hope you have a great and safe day tomorrow and we’ll see you next weekend!






  1. That photo is beautiful. I just love the snow! It could snow everyday and I’d be a happy one! I must have been born a snowbaby! Or one wishing for snow since I was born in June! I guess that’s why I love the ocean too!
    I hope to get out there to see your farm, the animals and buy some eggs. Lamb? I’ve never had, not sure I could. But my dog would benefit. I just don’t know. I love animals so much, I try to rationalize its food, way back in the day you would’ve been doing this!!
    Lol. I was a small town girl, but my grandparents had a farm. That’s where my happiest memories were. Cows cows cows! By the time I came along that was all they had that they raised. My mom grew up with chickens, pigs etc.

    When I do come out are you okay with me taking photographs? I’m not a professional but I’ve been photographing for a long long time for my own enjoyment!
    Look forward to coming out soon. Are weekdays okay? I’m usually tied up on weekends.

    • Hi Kim! Week days are ok, just call or text me first at 803-804-3541 to arrange a good time.

      Lots of good subjects to photograph here and I don’t mind you taking pictures at all…especially if you share some with me for the blog!

      Looking forward to meeting you.

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