Fox Trot Farm

Grass Fed Lamb and Fresh Eggs from our Happy Hens

New Cartons for our Fresh Eggs!


We hope you like our new egg cartons. They are made of recycled materials and are 100% biodegradable. That’s important to us. Start your garden seedlings in them and then plant them directly in the ground. Tear them up into small pieces and add them to your compost pile. Start a worm farm and use them for worm bedding. (REALLY! You can do that!) If that’s not your cup of tea, then bring them back to us and we’ll use them again.

Here is a picture of our new carton. We love the look!

New Biodegradable Egg Carton

Our eggs are so big and beautiful and delicious that they deserve the best cartons, too!


Also new for Spring…we are now putting the “best used by” date on our cartons. The state of South Carolina says that this date is 45 days, so look on our cartons and you’ll see that you can stock up when you come to the farm. Our fresh eggs from our pastured happy hens are still just $3.50/dozen or $12/4 dozen!


Our farm market is open Sunday afternoons from 1:00-5:00 p.m. and during the week by appointment. Large group tours are available by appointment.

Also at the market:

-all processed and packaged cuts of our pastured lamb: racks, chops, ground, leg roasts, shanks, etc.
-honey sticks (straws filled with flavored honey)
-honey & beeswax soap
-handmade cotton spa wash and dish cloths
-Dianne Mahaffee pottery soap dishes
-baked goods
-quilts, and more!

See the baby lambs, bunny rabbits, dairy goats, honey bee apiary, guided farm tours at 3:00 @ $5/each over 2 years old.

It’s a beautiful spring here on Fox Trot Farm! (Appointments required for large groups or days other than our Sunday market day.) Restroom facility and hand washing station on site.






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