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Sunday Happenings


Sunday was a great day at Fox Trot Farm! The temps started off rather cool, but the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming.

Here is one of our camellia bushes and it’s really showing off right now.

Camellia Bush


Camellia on Fox Trot Farm

Carly and Blaire ride in the golf cart with me to do morning chores, and they are always ready to “help” when I need it. They are good moral support and give kisses every time I get back in the cart.

Border Collies

Border Collies

Of course, little Cookie, our rescue dog, is my shadow and also “helps” with all my farm duties. She just loves to run and run and run!


Clarence & Peanut Butter are excited to be back in the pasture behind the house where they can see everything. Our visitors love to pet them as part of our guided tour.


It was our farm market day on Sunday, so the afternoon was a busy one. Our friend Jeff came over in the morning to lend a hand with chores, and our friend and farm helper, Amy, came to help tend market in the afternoon since Farmer Bob was working out of town over the weekend. Business picked up and then it was time for our 3:00 guided tour.

Here is one delightful family who came for the tour. What a special visit since this fellow is a descendant of the original Rowell who settled in our community. He’s also a high school teacher at the local school. Thank you for your service, sir! It’s not easy being a teacher these days.


I get so busy sharing our farm with the tour groups that I forget to take pictures. I hope the rest of the tour group shares their photos on our Facebook page. They took videos of our little woolly lamb playing with Carson, a little 5 year old boy, and took lots of pictures of him being cute throughout the farm. He was especially good with Cookie, who just loved him. He learned all about feeding chickens and picking up eggs, too, and if you drop one it will break, and the hens will chase each other with bits of the broken shell. He also learned to be quiet and slow around the animals. All good lessons for children to learn about animals!

Farmer Bob recently got me this porcelain sink from a hay farmer, and I can’t wait till we get our building for our farm market because this sink is definitely going inside. It’s really dirty, but it isn’t chipped or cracked, so I’m sure it will clean up just fine.


Today Amy’s coming back over to help me work with one of the flocks of sheep…it’s worming time again. Sheep are very high maintenance in the Southeast, and I’m so glad to have good help when Farmer Bob is out of town! Then, I’m going to take care of a friend’s bees. Please say a little prayer for Pam and Bill, because Bill is undergoing heart surgery and it will be a long recovery for such an active and vibrant man.

In the meantime, if I get some spare minutes today, I hope to get back to working on this scrappy quilt I’m making for a little girl. I love these 1930s reproduction fabrics. The colors just make me happy!


This is a very simple quilt pattern, and I’m hoping to get it ready for quilting this week. The problem I have is carving out time. When Farmer Bob gets back, my days won’t be quite as hectic.

Thursday is my doctor’s appointment with the surgeon who performed my back operation. The transfered nerve pain is returning, so I’ll be anxious to hear what the next step is. In the meantime, I’m keeping up with all the yoga stretches 2x/day, and they help. I’m not complaining, though, because our friend is in the hospital right now undergoing very serious heart surgery, and the many serious challenges others face every day help to keep things in perspective.

One great thing about taking care of all our farm animals is that I stay so busy that I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself about anything! And the animals bring so much joy, so it will be a good day after all.





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