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Family Fun on Fox Trot Farm


We love when families come to visit our farm for a tour, and all ages (even grown ups!) have a great time and learn a lot about our animals. 

This little guy was, as his mom said, “being three years old” when every question we asked him was answered with “no.” I think it was just his favorite word for the day, though, because he had fun and so did I. I decided to point him in a direction and let him explore while I answered questions…and a lot of them…from his grandfather. I love it that everyone gets something from our farm tours! Here he is talking to the bunnies.


He coaxed Henry Ford out from under the horse trailer, and was so gentle with him!


Isn’t he precious?


When I saw how good he was with the cats, I brought our Border Collie, Carly, out of the kennel and she sure did love this little boy. His mom told me they have a very large dog at home, so I’m sure that is why this little guy is good with animals. Every child should have a dog or cat. It teaches them how to treat others and gives them a best friend to love.


He was excited to see the chickens, and looked into their little doors in the hen houses. 


He moved very slowly and didn’t chase the birds, so he got to feed them, too.


And he picked up eggs. Only three eggs because it was still morning and the hens were just beginning to lay. He was so careful about placing the eggs in the basket….not a single cracked egg!


We love having visitors of all ages at Fox Trot Farm! Come see us on Sundays between 1:00-5:00 to stock up on fresh eggs, raw honey, Granny Bee’s Bakery goods, soaps, and more.

Honey Jar Display

Basket Of Eggs

Royal Star Quilt

Schedule a tour for your family, home school group, Sunday school class, or friends and other groups on any other day. We have a public restroom and hand washing station, and picnic tables where you can enjoy our cookies and honey sticks after the tour. (Tours take 1 1/2-2 hours and include a leisurely stroll to the Back Forty to see our breeding sheep and guardian dogs.)

Text or call me at 803-804-3541 if you have any question or to schedule a tour.

Thelma can’t wait to see you!




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