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Family Fun at the Lake


We decided to take our “days off” and escape to Lake Santeetlah for the weekend, and boy, did we ever have a good time. Our son, Rob, and his family drove up from Florida and picked up Bob’s mom on the way to bring her along. We did so many of our favorite things which, for our family, often revolve around food. (More on that in a future post!) In fact, we all love food so much that Rob went to culinary school and is now the executive chef at a popular Florida restaurant, The Saltwater Grill, in Panama City Beach. Because of his job, his life is consumed with the restaurant throughout the summer, and on holidays and weekends, so any time we can spend with him is very special indeed!

He and Bob were the first to jump in the water. We have lots of pictures of these two in the lake from the time Rob was just a wee thing. He sure isn’t “wee” any more, but he still enjoys our lake house traditions.


Games have also been a big tradition at the lake house. Kids have been playing Uno there for decades, and Cribbage has also been a big hit. These four played Uno non-stop whenever they weren’t on the lake.


Rob with his girl friend Amanda and her adorable children, Eli and Margo.

I have to tell you that the children made the weekend extra special because they were such a joy to be around. They are so polite and engaging and funny! Their mom has done such a good job with them, and Rob just dotes on them. It was good to get to know Amanda and we all had so much fun together. We are sure looking forward to the next time we can all be together!

This was our first big trip in the new truck, and it was very comfortable and suited us perfectly. We even carried the kayaks with us and they fit well into the bed. I’ve ordered some foam wedges to help stabilize them in the bed since we found if we stack them, we’ll have plenty of space for coolers, too. Rob bought the big Dodge Ram from us, so now Farmer Bob and I are down to just THREE trucks. hahahaha

I brought the right tripod but the wrong camera, so we couldn’t get a group picture and Bob and I had to switch places for pictures, so here are two family pictures we took.

debrobfamilypic robbobfamilypicture

We made the most out of the beautiful weather on Sunday, and didn’t leave the lake till the late afternoon. Rob and his family had the longest drive home and arrived home around midnight (after dropping Grandma off at her house). Farmer Bob and I got home around 10:00, unloaded the kayaks and put them on the racks, brought in our luggage, and didn’t waste any time getting in the shower and falling into bed. It was a wonderful weekend and getting away really made us feel like we had a true vacation. 

This is a busy week for us here on Fox Trot Farm. Farmer Bob will be traveling most of the week, so I’ll be taking care of the farm. The road crews will be working directly in front of our house most of the week resurfacing our road (thank goodness because it needs it). I’ll be making soap and baking to get ready for our own Fox Trot Farm Markets on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m., the Thames Farm Event on September 17th, and Old McCaskill’s Farm Fall Farm Day on October 8th. This morning I scheduled a family for a farm tour on Friday, and I just remembered that I have a quilt guild meeting and a hair appointment this week. Looks like life is returning to normal here on Fox Trot Farm! 🙂

Come see us Sunday from 1:00-5:00 for fresh eggs, local raw honey, beeswax and honey soaps, Granny Bee’s Bakery cookies and cakes, and more! Call with questions or to make an appointment for a farm tour: 803-804-3541.

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