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Another Fun Family Tour!


I love giving family tours of our farm, especially when the children are so darn cute! This weekend we had a visit from two families, and they sure did pick a beautiful day for a tour. Farmer Bob was home and got his big tractor out. He told me afterwards that he just KNEW the boys would like to climb all over it, and they did!



Aren’t these boys just precious? For years I was den leader for our son’s cub scout den, and I did two stints as camp director for two cub scout districts. I have a thing for little boys. I just love how predictable they are….it’s a guarantee that they throw rocks and sticks, play with our dogs, and get excited about tractors!

Even the “big boys” enjoy visiting our farm. I’m not sure what these fellas were talking about, but they look pretty serious, don’t they?


You can see how hot Farmer Bob was in these pictures. He has acres of grass to mow, which is a blessing. There are many summers that the grass is crispy from drought. Our farm has been fortunate to have showers come through to keep our grass green and growing this summer.


Our chickens love visitors, too, because we give the children lots of scratch feed to toss to them. See the big rooster? He’s particularly handsome, and crows for our visitors’ delight!

I was looking through the photos on my little pink Olympus camera, and I found this cute one from one of our recent tours. Parents love taking pictures of their children on our farm.


It’s Monday and I hope you all have a great week! Let me know if you need any fresh eggs, raw honey, soap, or other things. While I only set up the “market” on Sundays from 1:00-5:00, you can still come during the week and stock up on our farm goods.  Just give me a call at 803-804-3541 to let me know you are coming and make sure we’re home. Schedule a farm tour for your family or group for Mondays through Saturdays and come see and learn about our animals and honeybees!

Carly and Blaire say hi!

Border Collies

The hens are really laying a lot of big, beautiful eggs!







  1. Happy , Happy, Happy……..people & critters ! Great pictures !

  2. I must have missed something….when did you get Blaire?? She and Carly are both beautiful!!

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