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Evening Chores, Project Finished, & Quilt Block


The days are getting shorter and I’m going to have to start evening chores earlier because it got full dark before I was finished last night, but the dogs and I enjoyed exploring in the dark. Here you can see (barely, look closely) our Welsh Harlequin ducks safe in their pond while our lab, Brody, thinks about how much fun it would be to “retrieve” one from the pond. (He knows better than to try it!)


I’ve walked down to the pond often at night to see where the ducks sleep. They are usually not too far from the edge of the water, but they are always on alert and swim for deeper water when they are alarmed. I’m glad they don’t sleep on dry land or they would be easy pickings for a fox, or raccoon, or possum. I think that because they stay tightly bunched up, an owl would not be likely to attack them…especially while they are in the water. We sure do enjoy our pretty ducks!

Here you can see that Carly is curious about them, too. I know that the only reason she’s not in the water swimming after them is because I’m right there telling her to stay put!


Even in the dark, the dogs ran and played and had a ball! They went swimming and came back and shook all over me (those are water droplets on my camera lens), but I was already hot and sweaty and really didn’t mind. I’m glad they had so much fun!

Brody came over to tell me that he was being a good boy. 🙂


Yesterday I got one more project completed: my “new” sewing machine table! I had bought a used wooden kitchen table off a Facebook group for just $20. It sat in the garage and ended up being a display for our Sunday farm market Granny Bee’s Bakery goods. Early this week, I sanded all the chalk paint off the table and sprayed it with many coats of Rustoleum primer + paint till I got a nice smooth finish. Farmer Bob helped, too. 🙂 I had to dismantle the table so I could carry it into the house by myself, and then I put it back together and set it in place. Doesn’t it look great?


I’ve been working on a project with my Featherweight machine, so I set it up and I’m just thrilled at how much space this larger table provides…and no jiggling or bouncing because the table is so darn sturdy and heavy! Yay!

After I got a shower and late supper, I finished this block. It’s called “Woven Star” and you can find the free pattern HERE. I used scraps of Christmas fabric….it sure doesn’t take much fabric, but it does take time. Just because it’s a “mini” quilt, doesn’t mean that it’s any faster than a larger size. I do love the look of this block, and I’m thinking that with these big 16″ blocks, it would be fun to make enough to make a large bed-size quilt…and would be so pretty!


I finished a second block exactly like this but, as I glanced at it while reaching for the light switch to turn off the table lamp, I noticed a mistake….in the second row in, so I picked out the seams and will fix that today. It’s raining, so it will be a good day for inside projects.

Ducks don’t mind the rain! Chickens don’t seem to, either, and they are laying lots of big beautiful blue and brown eggs! Come get some, will ya? LOL They are a deal at $3.50/dozen or 4 dozen for $12!





  1. Love your sewing table and featherweight! That’s a great block too…16″ is nice don’t need many for a bed quilt that way!

  2. Love the quilt square design Debbie!! Awesome Christmas colors!!

  3. You have TOO MUCH energy!!! I love that quilt square and plan to save that pattern. Hope to see you soon. I really need to get out to Fox Trot Farms. BTW, great job on the sewing table.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt square… the colors !

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