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Fall Baking-Happy Fall!


Where did the summer go? On one hand, it seemed like the longest, hottest summer ever. On the other hand, it seems like just yesterday when the sweet gum leaves finally got big enough for me to cut some for treats for our goats Rosie & Daphne. It’s autumn. Fall. And one of my favorite things to do in the fall is baking!

The whole house smells like a donut shop this morning because I’ve got Granny Bee’s Cinnamon-Honey Swirl Pound Cakes in the oven. Last evening I made Honey Maple Walnut Pound Cakes. Yesterday morning it was Honey Lemon Pound Cakes. I’m getting “Granny Bee’s Bakery” restocked for Sunday’s farm market here on Fox Trot Farm, you see. Next up will be cookies, cookies, cookies! Everything “Granny Bee” bakes is full of her honey….and lots of butter and other wholesome yummy things!


Come on out and see us on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m.! You can visit the bunnies, bees, lambs, and dairy goats while you’re here! (We schedule full farm tours by appointment please.)

Granny Bee’s Bakery Pound Cakes: $7.00/each
Granny Bee’s Bakery Cookies: $4.50/dozen
Granny Bee’s Raw Honey: $6 Hexi jar & $10 Honey Bear (Bank) jar
Fresh Brown & Blue Free Range Hens’ Eggs: $3.50/dozen or $12/4 dozen
Premium Fox Trot Farm Honey & Beeswax Soaps: $6/bar
Handmade Cotton Spa Cloths, Dish Cloths, & Soap Savers: $2.50/each
Quilts and other handcrafted goods!

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  1. yummmmm…….my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures !!

  2. The cakes looks great!

  3. I just bet your home smells amazing all the time. Hope to visit your farm soon.

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