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Happy Anna!


Farmer Bob took my little camera out with him for evening chores today and took this picture for me to share with you. Here’s sweet Anna watching over her little flock!


Of course, she has another ewe and lamb and 8 more ewes in her flock, but this was the most precious picture that Farmer Bob got in the failing light of evening. You can see the sweetness in her eyes, can’t you? She’s such a happy girl here on Fox Trot Farm. These guardian dogs have such a huge amount of instinct to work as a guardian to sheep and I think she’s finally discovered that feeling of fulfillment….of working and having her own flock. Time will tell, but I think she sure seems to be off to a good start, don’t you?




  1. Sweet picture! Yes, look at Anna’s eyes….awe! And that baby, how adorable.

  2. That Hobart is a good teacher or else Anna is a quick learner…..guess she knew what to do, but how did she get over that fence….jump? Wow!

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