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Update on Anna


Farmer Bob did the chores last evening so I could sit on my heating pad (have follow up appointment with the doc this morning), and when he came back inside, he said, “I thought you said that Anna was in the pasture with Hobart.”

Well, I’m used to him “pulling my leg,” and I said, “Don’t even joke about that, Bob!”

He wasn’t grinning, though…..

“Where is she?”

“In with the lambs.”

I couldn’t breathe!

“I found her lying with the ewes and their babies. The lambs got up and bounced all around her, she stood up and they toddled under her belly, and she licked them all over and then settled back down in the grass when the lambs went back to their mothers.”

Whew! Our Anna might just be figuring out her job on our farm. I hope to get some pictures today and I’ll share them with you when I do.

On another note, I’m sorry the political debates are over. It was a good excuse to have friends over for popcorn!

Changing the subject again, this is the quilt I’m working on now. Last night during the debate I finished the vines and leaves on the applique row. Next I’ll do the flowers and berries. I’m doing needle turn applique instead of the raw edge in the directions because I think that will be more durable and just look nicer, so it’s taking a bit of time but is relaxing. When I’m finished, mine will look just like this one in the photo because I’m using the same fabric. Farmer Bob loves this one…says someone will want to buy this for sure. I just might have a bit of trouble putting it up for sale, though. 🙂




  1. What a beautiful quilt ! Nah, you don’t want to sell that one….you need it for your display when you get your big store ! Agree???

  2. Debbie is there anything u can’t do?? Absolutely gorgeous quilt

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