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Eggs, Eggs, & More Big Beautiful Eggs!


Yesterday Farmer Bob picked up eggs for me since I’m somewhat laid up at the moment, and one of the girls sent me the biggest egg I’ve seen in a long time. It was too big to fit into a carton! See it? It’s the giant egg on the left.


The blue egg next to it is a jumbo size, and the brown egg that looks so small is a large size!

Guess what happened to that huge egg this morning?



Yep! It was my breakfast! A big double-yolker…just like having two extra large eggs. And oh my goodness, they were so tasty!

We’ll have all our eggs (no matter the size!) for sale Sunday afternoon for only $3.50/dozen or stock up and get 4 dozen for $12. Try finding that price at your local farmer’s market!

One way we keep our egg prices down is recycling egg cartons. We always appreciate it so much when our customers, old and new, save egg cartons for us, so don’t forget to bring me some when you come for your eggs. If you haven’t started saving the cartons for me, please think about recycling them here on Fox Trot Farm. (We use the dozen size, either Styrofoam or cardboard.) Another way we keep our prices low is not traveling to farmers’ markets to sell. We think it’s great fun for folks to come here to the farm to get their eggs and enjoy the farm experience of being able to see our animals and honeybees, too.

Speaking of honeybees, I get lots of questions about our great quality beechwood honey dippers…folks just don’t know what they are and how to use them, so here’s a quick and short tutorial:


Dip the dipper into the honey and twirl.


Drizzle the honey onto your toast, biscuits, pancakes, oatmeal, ice cream, or straight onto your tongue!

You can find our beechwood honey dippers at our farm market on Sunday afternoons for just $3.00. One of those along with one of our honeybear jar banks full of raw, local honey make a great gift for just $13. Folks are already thinking ahead for teachers’ gifts and other gift giving. It’s a good thing to have some of those gifts taken care of before we sell out or before the holiday rush!

Hope to see you on Sunday afternoon! 5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster. My cell # is 803-804-3541 if you want to call or text any questions about the farm and market or to schedule a full farm tour on any day except Sunday, which is market day. We look forward to your visit!




  1. Hi Deb. Do you wash these eggs or can they be stored at room temperature for a longer period of time?

    • Hi Phyllis! That’s a good question that I’m frequently asked. I wash the eggs so you can put them in your fridge and be assured that they are free of hen house debris and are ready for you to crack and use. Since we all have refrigerators, I just don’t see the sense in risking getting sick from cross contamination. Our eggs are at most just a few days old, and will be fresh in your fridge for three to four weeks.

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