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Standing Guard at Fox Trot Farm-Mr. Peacock!

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Standing guard on the front porch rail this foggy morning is Mr. Peacock. He’s made it through another winter! He’s very old, but still beautiful, as you can see in these pictures. 

peacock porch

Mr. Peacock possesses such stunning colors and elegant posturing. Such a lovely sight on this foggy Ground Hog Day early morning.

Peacock on Porch

Mr. Peacock loses his tail feathers in the late summer and, over the winter, new feathers grow. Quite miraculous, really! They will grow to be about twice as long as they are right now, and then he’ll start his beautiful fanning and dancing and posing for photos. There are many great photo ops for visitors to Fox Trot Farm!

One Comment

  1. He really is beautiful. Oh, & your windows are so clean!

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