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Ram Lambs for Sale January-February 2016

Ram Lambs for Sale January-February 2016

These three healthy 100 pound plus intact Dorper/Katahdin rams are currently for sale. $250 each will get you 60+ pounds of lean, tender, mild lamb meat for your freezer or a great addition to your commercial breeding program for your small flock. Call or text 803-804-3541 to make arrangements to pick up your animal right here on our farm.

***Freezer Special***

Purchase the animal from us for $250 and we will have the processing done to your specifications at a certified humane, USDA inspected facility. You pay the processing costs, which run approximately .93/lb. carcass weight plus a small slaughter fee. (This will be a wholesale price for you.)  Meat is vacuum packaged and frozen for quality storage in your freezer. We will be happy to deliver if you are not too far away.

***Retail Lamb Meat Sales on Farm***

Individual selections of packaged lamb meat will be for sale in mid-March at retail prices, just in time for Easter!

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