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Oh Honey!


Honey Bees Foraging

Fox Trot Farm Honey Bees Foraging on February 8, 2015.

It is such a warm day today that the honey bees are actively foraging and bringing back baskets full of yellow pollen. What a surprise for February! The buds on the maple trees are swollen, and they must be finding flowers somewhere within the 2 1/2 miles they travel.

In about another month, we’ll be adding two new hives to our apiary, so there’s no time like the present to start getting ready for the thousands of new bees we’ll be getting. Here was my project for early afternoon:

Painted Hive Boxes

Freshly Painted Honey Bee Hive Boxes at Fox Trot Farm

I’ll add one more coat of paint on the next warm day, and then the housing will be ready for our new bees next month. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well, and we’ll have gallons of honey to sell from Fox Trot Farm in July!

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