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We love it….


when the weatherman is WRONG. Forecasted snow accumulations for our area were to be 3-6 inches overnight, which would have effectively shut our county down. Schools were already closed for today in anticipation of the snow. We know there are a lot of children who are disappointed they won’t be building snowmen today, but we are thrilled to wake up to nothing but a bit of rain. It’s bitter cold here on the farm…just a degree above freezing and bone-chilling damp….so it’s good to be reminded that spring is just around the corner.

I’ll be making Farmer Bob a plateful of our delicious Fox Trot Farm free range eggs for breakfast (call me if you need some; the girls have been busy). In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from warmer days on Fox Trot Farm.


Fox Trot Farm Free Range Eggs


Sugar Snap Pea Vines in the Garden

Pea Blossoms

Sugar Snap Pea Blossoms


Favorite Sugar Snap Peas


Mr. Peacock



  1. Lovely pics. Can’t wait until next weekend!

  2. I haven’t thought of adding heavy cream to eggs! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll be giving this a try. They look delicious.

  3. Love the pictures of your garden. I’ve been picking sugar snaps and snow peas for a week or so now and am loving them. Spring will come, I promise.

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