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We Have Peeps!


Not the marshmallow kind…the real, live, fluffy, peeping peeps! I’m experimenting with my new incubator and I have a brand new respect for momma hens. Out of 3 dozen eggs, I’ve successfully hatched just 7 chicks. This is my second go-round; the first time I didn’t get any hatchlings at all, so I am thrilled with these little fluff balls. There is still one little peep peeping from inside its shell, so I’m hoping it’ll hatch today. Now Farmer Bob will get busy building a new house for these babies to live in till they’re old enough to start laying. Welcome to the world, little peeps!


We’re all sold out of lamb legs and racks for Easter (except for those who pre-ordered), but we have ground lamb available. Exciting news coming soon about our Fox Trot Farm lamb, so stay tuned!



  1. Hey, Debbie…they are so cute…..guess they’ll be half grown till I see them ! Think they’ll follow you around once they are outside ? lol

  2. OK, Auntie is with the program! The chicks are so cute and look so happy. Do you know what the breed of these little guys, and hopefully mostly gals, might be? It will be interesting to find out the sex. Congratulations Mama! Your chicks are very lucky babies to have a great home!

  3. Really excited about all you two are doing. Can’t wait to see you next month.

  4. Yeah!! So adorable. Wish all would have hatched for you.

  5. The peeps are so cute!

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