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Such a Happy Little Boy on our Farm Tour!

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***Our farm market will be open on Sunday, November 27th!***

There’s a young woman I’ve known since she was a cute little girl tearing up home plate in Dixie Girls Softball. She and her sisters were (and still are) precious. Now that we’re years and years away from those soft ball games, I seldom see any of them. One has even moved across the world!

Years ago, they lost their mother to poor hospital care, and just this past year they lost their father to a reckless driver automobile accident. My heart goes out to the girls, and I feel so sorry for their parents, too. (I used to sit with them in the stands while we cheered on all the girls.) I’ve remained connected with one of the sisters through Facebook and, when I found out her sister-from-across-the-world was coming home with her little three-year-old boy,  I invited them to come to the farm. (It’s so nice to stay connected with people from across the years, right?)

I gave them the usual tour, but this time we took the golf cart (since I’m still having a lot of pain standing/walking till we get my back fixed), and we enjoyed scooting around to see the animals. Friday was warm and breezy, and the sun was shining brightly on the trees. They were still covered with colorful leaves, since we hadn’t had a hard freeze yet.


This little guy is just precious! He’d fallen asleep on the ride to our farm, and so was a bit out of sorts when he first got here, but once he really woke up and warmed up, we had fun! He just turned three years old, and yet he had quite a vocabulary and chattered on and on about all the animals. He loved the bunnies. All children love the bunnies!


Look at that little fist on his hip! He was just a bit nervous about petting the lambs. 🙂


He LOVED feeding the chickens and picking up eggs, too!


Mr. Rooster sure is loud! When you come to our farm for a tour, Mr. Rooster will “sing” for you while you’re with his flock!


Wish I had a video of this little guy sneaking up on the ducks…cute as can be! Children learn valuable lessons about animals when they come to the farm, and one lesson is that they can get closer to the animals when they don’t chase them. 🙂

Come visit our farm for a full tour on Sundays at 1:30 and 3:00, or any other day by appointment. We love visitors! Please call me at 803-804-3541 to arrange for a tour.

Market Hours: Sunday 1:00-5:00
Tours: $5/per person over 2 years old, Sundays 1:30 & 3:00, and by appointment on other days. Market will be open for tour groups. Please try to arrange groups of 5 or more.
Sunday Sales: eggs, honey, baked goods, soap, spa cloths, handcrafted soap dishes, quilts

***Our farm market will be open on Sunday, November 27th!***

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  1. That Is so cute…..glad you have some pictures of hi visit!

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