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Spring Lambs on Fox Trot Farm!


Spring is a busy time on Fox Trot Farm, and this spring seems to have arrived 20 or so days early. We have our very first set of pure white twin lambs! Hobart is taking extra special care of them.


The lambs like to clean up what’s left in the trough after the sheep finish and move on. They really can’t digest anything but Mom’s milk, but they like to do what the big sheep do. Hobart stayed behind with them, then decided when it was time to move up the hill with the flock, and the babies followed him.


Spring means that we’re also looking forward to the arrival of Rosie & Daphne’s babies, and that also means fresh goat’s milk to drink and make cheese and soap with! Farmer Bob and our friend Edward dismantled the goat pen and moved their little barn to a more permanent location in preparation for adding on to the shed.


Rosie and Daphne were moved into a smaller pen and watched their house being moved. They weren’t too interested, actually. You can see how “fat” they are getting, and they have more growing to do. I can feel their babies moving now!


New at our farm market on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-5:00 is Amish Friendship Bread! Oh boy, is it ever good! For any of you who have ever made this, it’s quite something to keep up with the fermented starter, and then you have so much that you have to find friends to share it with. A friend shared some starter with me recently, and since I love making it and eating it, I decided it would be perfect for our farm market! Each loaf is incredibly tender, rich and moist, full of raisins and walnuts and with a wonderful vanilla and cinnamon flavor. I make mine with honey and applesauce, too, for increased nutrition and reduced oil. It’s just $6 a loaf…what a deal! We also have our pound cakes and cookies, also made with our honey.

Friendship Bread

We have more flavors of honey sticks, too, and visitors get one free with the purchase of a farm tour for just $5/person over 2 years old. Tours on Sundays are at 3:00 and by appointment on other days.


Of course we have our beautiful fresh blue and brown eggs laid by our happy hens for just $3.50/dozen or $12/4 dozen. Our fresh eggs retain their good quality for a minimum of 45 days, so feel safe in stocking up. That is what the state of South Carolina guidelines say, not just my opinion!


As well as our soap and cotton cloth spa products, we also have some processed lamb left for you. We’ll be restocking all cuts next week, but still have some chops, shanks, neck roasts and soup bones in stock.


Come see us this afternoon (Sunday) from 1:00-5:00 or other days by appointment. It’s a beautiful day for a tour, and we conduct our tours at 3:00…no reservation required for Sunday market days.





  1. Good morning Debbie! I hope you remember me from the Town of Waxhaw. Just wondering if I need an appt. to just visit with my 21 month okd grandson. I keep him every day and just want to show him a farm. We do not need a tour, would just like to visit with you and also get some of your products. Please let me know if it is Ok to come by, hopefulky this week? Thanks and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

  2. Those lambs are so cute following Hobart !! Adorable !

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