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I’ll be Spinning my Wheel Soon!


***Our farm market will be closed this coming Sunday, October 30th, and will be open again on Sunday, November 6th.***

Our farm market will not be open this coming Sunday, October 30th, because I’ll be attending the Southeast Animal Fibers Fair near Asheville, where I will learn how to use my antique spinning wheel. I’m so excited!

A month or so ago, I bought it a beautiful spinning wheel at an antique store for a song. It’s missing a couple of parts, so I found someone who specializes in hand crafting spinning wheel parts to match the original, and they will be at the SAFF. I look forward to meeting this charming couple that I’ve been corresponding with through email and Facebook! Bobbin Boy is the name of their business, and I’m in such awe of their work ethic and skills!  Even if you have no interest in learning how to spin wool, you’ll enjoy looking at their Facebook pictures of all the things they do. 

Here’s my spinning wheel:


Isn’t she a beauty? Using maker’s markings on the wood, I did a cursory Internet search and, the best I can tell, this wheel was crafted in the the 1840s. Wow! I’m amazed that she isn’t missing more parts, and that she still has that handmade “stick” distaff! (That’s the part that looks kind of like deer antlers.) I am told that I’m lucky to have that part with my wheel.

The workshop instructor has sent me the class handouts, and already I’m intimidated since I’ve already tried a bit of spinning with a drop spindle with disastrous results, but I’m determined to at least get a good start with my spinning wheel. To think of all the work women had to do just to get to the point of having yarn and thread for weaving and knitting makes me glad I live in the modern era where I can drive to Joann’s and Hobby Lobby and the local knit shop and quickly and affordably purchase ready made yarn! But I still want to learn how to do this by hand. I hope that past generations of steady weaving hands reach through mine to guide my fingers on Sunday. I’ll let you know how I make out!

***Remember, our market will be closed this coming Sunday, October 30th, and will be open again on Sunday, November 6th.***

If you need anything during the week, just give me a call or text 803-804-3541 and I’ll make sure I’m home when you come by to get eggs, soap, honey, or to schedule a tour.



  1. I am excited for you!!! Especially since I was there when you bought it…cannot wait to see the beautiful things you “spin” with her…have a great time this weekend!!

  2. That wheel is AMAZING! Good luck with your classes. Can’t wait to watch you spin your wheel…no pun intended.

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