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Friday Scenes from the Farm


We’ve had a very busy week here on Fox Trot Farm! We gave five tours to happy families. What a great time to visit the farm, with all the lambs frolicking in the fields! Click HERE for more info on our fun and educational tours for families and groups.

Boys Lambs Girl Avery  

I ventured off Fox Trot Farm to visit a friend’s farm to see his herd of Nubian goats. Here are two beautiful bucks.


And here are some of his gorgeous does. One member of his herd just had quintuplets!


Here’s one of our lambs in the pasture. That’s my hand….see how tiny this lamb is? Tiny and curious!

MVI_2502_Moment (2)

Farmer Bob got to pet this little guy.


Here are some of our lambs waiting for their moms to finish their snack.


My EZGO needed a repair…thanks to one of our (now grown) Boy Scouts, it was repaired expertly and is good to go!

William Welding EZGO

Oscar loves to nap in this big concrete leaf that I made. He looks so pretty with the Lady Banks rose blooming all around him. 


Farmer Bob added width and handrails to the footbridge that crosses the creek to the Back Forty. Yay!

Foot Bridge

The sky is so blue!

Blue Sky

Have a great weekend and plan to visit us soon on Fox Trot Farm!


  1. You need more milking goats,Debbie!

  2. Happy for those handrails. Can’t wait to see you. Soon.

  3. I just love reading your new letters Debbie! I don’t know how you get it all done. I know you love everything about the farm, the work, the animals and the people! You and Farmer Bob are truly amazing! So glad to know you.☺

  4. So glad there are now handrails on that big, tall & scary bridge! Can’t wait to meet those lambs, see you in 2 weeks!

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