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Introducing “Turk!”


Turk and Rams

Turk and the Boys


This is the newest addition to our farm! “Turk” is a registered Anatolian Shepherd who was bred and raised in Rutherfordton, NC, at Possum Hollow Farms. He’s eleven months old and has had a full time job guarding goats, and now he’s guarding our pet wether, Louie, and our two breeding rams, Tex and Eddie. (A wether is an emasculated ram, by the way. He was our first “bottle baby” when he had his leg broken at less than a week old, and I’ll tell his story another day soon. We love him!)

Anatolian Shepherds are a really ancient Turkish breed that has always been used to guard livestock, so his job comes naturally. He moves across the pasture like he has springs on his feet, and he’s a joy to watch. He is big now, but still has a lot of growing to do. He already loves his job here and “the boys” hang out close to him, so I think they know he’s their protector. Coyotes and feral dogs, and sometimes even neighborhood pets left to run wild are a real threat to livestock, and especially to these gentle sheep. It’s a comfort to us to know that we have our guardian dogs on duty 24/7 and, when we hear them bark at night, it’s nice to be able to just roll over and snuggle down under our quilts instead of having to get out in the cold to check on things!

Farmer Bob is going to the processor to pick up our meat, so the freezers will be restocked soon, just in time for you to restock YOUR freezer so you and your family can enjoy our Fox Trot Farm delicious lamb for Passover and Easter. Just email, or call or text 803-804-3541 with your order. Keep in mind that this will be the last restocking till September.

Turk on Duty

Zoom view, so it’s a little fuzzy, but I want you to see Turk out in the pasture with the boys. Isn’t he so pretty standing on duty?



  1. He is gorgeous! Congratulations on finding Aunt Bea a good home.

    • Thanks, Amy! We sure do miss Aunt Bee, but she’s close enough for us to visit her. After she gets settled in, I’m going to take some pictures of her with her new pack and I’ll share those with everyone in a blog post. She’s already enjoying her new playmate (three month old Great Pyrenees puppy) and soon she’ll be just another spoiled rotten and very pampered guardian for a most lovely lady.

  2. Turk looks like he belongs there!

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