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Introducing Rosie!



Our Rosie!


Rosie is the newest member of our farm family here at Fox Trot Farm. She is a mostly Saanen and little bit Nubian dairy goat “doeling” whose mother abandoned her at birth. She’s going to be a whole two weeks old this coming Sunday, and is already racing all over the yard after me, and running up the steps to the back deck and leaping back down! She’s full of energy and utter cuteness. Our good friends Jeff and Deedee Mahaffey gave her to us and we are so grateful for this adorable addition to our family!

Rosie in Tub

Newborn Rosie in her Rubbermaid Nursery Tub


This was Rosie on the day she was born. She was too weak and wobbly to stand, but she drank from her bottle just like a little wet vac. In just three days, she was standing and looking out over the top of her “nursery tub!” Time to go outside! Luckily, we had a run of really warm and sunny days and mild evening temps.

Rosie Modeling

Rosie modeling her New Zebra Fleece Jacket


With a cold snap coming (lows in the low 30s tonight and in the low 20s tomorrow night), Rosie needed a jacket, so I raced to Wal-Mart, where I found this cute zebra-striped fleece, and then I raced back home and got to work. I used this tutorial as a guide, then added a few touches (such as a collar) and I changed the belly band and added Velcro instead of ties. She was allowed in the house just long enough for a quick bath and to model her new jacket. She was so excited!

Rosie in Sunroom

Rosie’s Visit to the Sunroom


Rosie enjoyed exploring the sun room but, after peeing on the door mat (kids really have no house manners!), she’s back outside in her own house, nestled in a deep bed of wood shavings….and wearing her brand new zebra fleece jacket. (We’re going to bring her inside tomorrow night to spend the night in a large dog crate in the sun room.) I’m looking for a companion for her and hope to find another doeling her age for her to cuddle and play with. In a year and a half or so, we’ll be enjoying fresh goat milk and making luxurious goat milk soap from our own Fox Trot Farm dairy goats!



  1. May I come and live with Rosie?

  2. omg beyond cute! Love the jacket…you’re so clever!! All the sheep will be jealous and want one too!

  3. She’s so cute! How can you make her stay outside? Clearly, she belongs inside! Haha!

  4. She so cute Debbie.

  5. She is too cute. Can’t wait to meet her (& her new companion) soon.

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