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The EZ Life


After all the rain came the wind and, at last, a sunny day. That means it’s time to clean out the hen houses!

I don’t know what I ever did before Farmer Bob got me my EZGO golf cart. It makes my life much more EZ than it used to be. I can’t imagine hauling all this litter out in a wheel barrow. This baby even has a hydraulic lift, electric start, and gasoline engine. Check out the nubby tires!


The hens can’t wait to check out their clean house.


This gal MADE me wait till she laid her egg before I could clean out her nest box. I so get that she is descended from a dinosaur because she certainly was scary!


Here’s Mr. Roo and some of his ladies.

Mr Roo

And here’s Peep. He is an only child who was born to a broody hen a few months ago. He’s coming into his own and eyeing up the girls. Mr. Roo is not amused, so Peep will have to find a new home soon.


This is why Farmer Bob and I have chickens: delicious and nutritious fresh eggs. Our friends who buy them from us sure do enjoy them, too!

Fox Trot Farm Eggs

Fox Trot Farm eggs are from free range hens with no antibiotics or added hormones. They are a bargain at just $3.50/dozen or $12 for 4 dozen. Please call before you come by to make sure I’m expecting you. 803-804-3541


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