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Finn’s Back and the Girls are Not Impressed!


Readers of our farm blog will remember the big Nubian goat buck, Finn, and his last visit:


He wasn’t much interested in Rosie and Daphne then, and they weren’t interested in him, either! Well, our friend brought Finn back on Saturday because now he’s in full, glorious rut. I talked to the girls in the morning and told them to get pretty for him. 🙂


Finn had put on his Goat AXE cologne, evidently, because as soon as Jeff pulled in the driveway I could smell buck goat! Rosie and Daphne came to the fence and were all big-eyed!

I don’t know anyone who knows more about dairy goats than our friend Jeff Mahaffey. He and his wife, Dee Dee, operated a grade A goat dairy for years, and he bred national champion dairy goats. Now he’s in charge of the dairy goat show at the South Carolina State Fair. After Finn’s last visit, I thought Rosie was pregnant because her udder was swelling, but Jeff came and checked and said that no, she wasn’t pregnant. She’s from his heavy milker Saanen bloodline, and he said that sometimes they even produce milk without freshening. We sure do appreciate Jeff finding us such a well-bred buck for our girls, and many thanks to Finn’s owner, Dr. Jeff Broadaway, for letting him come for a visit!


Jeff and Bob got Finn out of the trailer…..I swear that the expression on his face was that he couldn’t believe his good fortune to be back! He’d just come from being with a half dozen other big smelly bucks all sparring with each other.


Here’s Finn now, in full rut. See how big his neck is? His coat is beautiful and he’s all filled out. I think his ears even curl more!


He’s so excited to be here at the Goat B&B and Spa! He was especially interested in Rosie and Daphne…much more so than the last time he visited.


Daphne wasn’t impressed.


Rosie was curious, but not interested in his advances.


Now we’ll wait and see if the girls become more receptive. All that buck perfume with all the pheromones are supposed to bring the girls in season. I hope it works and the girls will become receptive to his advances.

Until then, there’s a standoff!


Come see (and smell!) Finn and his girls on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m. While you’re here, visit our Sunday Farm Market and stock up on free range hens’ blue and brown eggs, Granny Bee’s raw honey, our own premium honey & beeswax soap, Granny Bee’s Bakery cakes and cookies, quilts and other crafty things! (We’ll be happy to do full farm tours any other day by appointment.)


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  1. Finn, looks huge! Hope he has a great dates with the girls!

  2. Hope the “lucky charm” works this time !

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