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Father’s Day Weekend Shearing & Recipes

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We’ve had a great Father’s Day weekend so far, and Farmer Bob has had a ball! Saturday, our shearer came out early in the morning on one of the prettiest days we’ve experienced so far. It was cool and breezy with low humidity…a perfect day for being outside tossing sheep around!

Here’s our shearer, Al, who does a great job and is so careful not to hurt our sheep.

Sheep Shearing

Al Shearing Sheep

He is a small fella, but is so strong that he can even manhandle our big ram, Tex.

Al Shearing Tex


I wish I’d have had someone else here to take pictures, because our ram Eddie was a different story. He decided he didn’t want to be sheared, and stood straight up with Al straddling him. He’s taller that Tex, so Al was about to go for a ride when I dove on Eddie’s head, followed by Farmer Bob, who grabbed his neck! When the dust settled after lots of grunting and scrambling, Eddie was once again wearing his halter and was prone on the mat getting a good clipping. Whew! Would have made a great video, for sure!!!


Farmer Bob and Shearer Al trading tales.

We went to our favorite country diner, Coker’s Ranch House restaurant, for great angus burgers and fries for lunch, then Farmer Bob bought some power tools from our friend to add to his work shop. Saturday supper was leftovers from Farmer Bob’s birthday dinner Friday because it was 9:00 till we were able to get inside and cleaned up. That’s too late for me to do any cooking, and Farmer Bob loves leftovers as much as I do, thank goodness!

Father’s Day dawned cool and breezy with bright sunshine, so I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to have breakfast on the deck. I made Farmer Bob one of his favorite breakfasts: Sausage gravy with homemade buttermilk biscuits, scrambled Fox Trot Farm fresh eggs, and broiled tomatoes. Lots of hot coffee, too! (Click on the links for recipes!)

Father's Day Breakfast

My Aunt Ina is visiting from Pennsylvania and we sure are enjoying her company! She doesn’t love the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing, but took advantage of the beautiful morning to join us for breakfast on the deck. She’s going to fuss about this picture when she sees it, but I love how serious she is about her biscuit with my homemade apple butter!

Aunt Ina

I hope all the dads out there had a fabulous Father’s Day!

Our happy hens at Fox Trot Farm are laying fabulous eggs in spite of the heat, so we have plenty in stock in our fridge! $3.50/dozen or four dozen for $3.00!

Egg Box

Fresh Eggs Gathered Twice Daily!


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  1. Sounds like y’all had a busy weekend! Glad we had a cool front came in to do a lot of outside work!
    It’s nice your Aunt came down for a visit!

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