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Granny Bee’s Cinnamon Swirl Pound Cake


Granny Bee makes traditional Southern pound cakes from a very old recipe a friend gave me years ago. Sadly, my friend has long since passed to her heavenly reward, but I often think that she would be so proud of this Pennsylvania Dutch gal who learned how to make her pound cakes so well….and at how many people are enjoying them now as they buy them from our farm market.

Traditional Southern pound cakes are not light and fluffy like layer cakes. Instead, they are moist and dense with a fine crumb. The addition of our honey adds even more richness and a darker crust. These cakes require no icing or glaze. Indeed, many people will toast a slice and have toasted cake for breakfast! Pound cakes are a good time-management investment, too. They freeze very well for up to 3 months, and I package them so they can go directly into your freezer. I’m starting to make holiday cakes now, in fact. I sold out of the eggnog cake on Saturday at a farm event we participated in, and baked more Sunday morning and sold out of those in the afternoon!

I seldom cut one for Farmer Bob and me to eat because we have no self control. (I bet we’re not the only ones! HA!) Yesterday morning I baked early…pound cakes and oatmeal raisin cookies (our signature cookie made with our honey), and I just had to slice one of the cinnamon swirl pound cakes for us to have for dessert. Here is one of our cinnamon swirl pound cakes fresh out of the oven. It’s made with our fresh pasture raised hens’ eggs and our own raw honey. I wish you could smell the aroma of these cakes baking. Our house smells just like a donut shop.


Do you see how fine the crumb is in this cake? And oh…that cinnamon swirl…yum! Sliced like this, each cake will serve 16…yes….16… is very rich and satisfying. That’s a very good price at only $7 for a cake to serve that many people! It’s delicious with a cup of tea or coffee for a light breakfast. Add a scoop of vanilla or butter pecan ice cream for a special dessert to serve the preacher on Sunday. (Or your friends and family any time!)


The truth is that most people will cut a larger chunk, so I suggest that each cake will serve 8 hungry people. Some of the fellas who buy our cakes think that’s pretty funny and tell me that it’s a single-serving cake for them and they’re not going to share with anyone. 🙂


This is quickly turning into a signature cake for us since it’s so popular.  If you’d like to come by the farm during the week and purchase some of these cakes, just let me know a couple days in advance so I can have some freshly baked for you. Otherwise, if you get to our market early on Sundays from 1:00-5:00, you’ll be able to pick one up and stock up on eggs, honey, soaps, and other farm goods while you’re here. Oh, and you can say hello to our bunnies, lambs and dairy goats, and admire the beautiful quilts, too!

***Our farm market will be closed this coming Sunday, October 30th. I’m going to go to a workshop to learn how to spin wool!***





  1. Debbie, the way you described that cake my mouth was watering !!! Better bake a double batch for Sunday…’ll be sold out in no time after people read this post !!

  2. I need to get some cake!

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