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Carly’s Gone to Boarding School!


Here’s our adorable little Border Collie, Carly (HR Carleigh), when she was just a pup last spring. She has added so much sparkle to our lives over the past year, and is the smartest dog we’ve ever had. She’s loved learning and always tries to please us and do a perfect job with her lessons. 

Puppy Carly

And here she is with Farmer Bob almost a year later, with breeder/trainer Brian Cash of HardRock Border Collies, and her sire, Neal.


Farmer Bob and I took her with us to Old McCaskill’s Farm for Shearing Day. She was such a good girl, and we were proud of the calm manner she displayed in spite of the crowds of adults and children enjoying the day on the farm. 

Here is a picture of Brian and Neal doing a herding demo on that day. Yes, Border Collies do a great job herding ducks, too! Won’t that be a fun event to add to our own farm tours?




Here we are with Carly and Neal before we turned her over to Brian to take back with him to Gay, Georgia, for several months of herding training. I’ll be going down there eventually to be trained, too, so we can work together here on our farm. She’s going to be a big help to Farmer Bob and me. Since our flock numbers are up to 64 it sure will be nice to have a dog to work with us!

Update: Brian tells us that Carly is doing great!



  1. Hi, you have a beautiful dog. May your dog remain healthy and charming like this always.

  2. Your dog is beautiful. Our youngest son had a border collie who was extremely well trained. Don’t know if this will open. If not Google Buddy the barking border collie and click under A magnificient dog. Unfortunately he died a few years ago of a spider bite. We’ve lost two of our little dogs in the last 8 months but stay tuned for a cute little puppy. Buddy was a natural herder and I would have loved seeing him with a small herd of sheep. Several years ago when we were on a bus traveling from Edinburg, Scottland down to London, we were going through Yorkshire country and I watched a man drive his pickupup to a fence in the pastures, opened his door and let out two gorgeous Border Collies. He opened the gate in the fence and both dogs took off at a dead run. I did not see any sheep or animals but they sure were having fun.

    Have fun learning with your dog.

    • I would have loved to have seen that! I betcha they were going after sheep to bring them in, don’t you think?

      I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your dogs, and your son’s BC from a spider bite of all things! Are you looking for a certain breed of puppy? Do you have one reserved??? It’s so much fun to get a puppy, so exciting, and exhausting, too!

  3. That’s great!

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