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Sunday I had a large order for Granny Bee’s Cinnamon Honey Oatmeal Cookies, so I did a lot of baking over the weekend. I love to bake bread (you can see the cinnamon swirl bread in the picture below), and sold that a couple weekends at our farm market but, since I don’t want to spend all my time baking, I’ve pretty much decided to limit the baked goods to a variety of cookies and pound cakes for now. Maybe I’ll bake bread every once in a while when I have extra time. 😉


Actually, the oatmeal raisin cookies have become quite a big hit, with dozens being ordered as well as the little bags of 3 cookies for a dollar that the children who come to the farm market love. I’ve ordered some really cool packaging for the dozen bags of cookies, and I’ll show that to you just as soon as my order is delivered.

I told Farmer Bob that I was going to give myself a day off on Monday. Since my quilt guilds take a vacation over the summer and I missed seeing everyone, I decided to check out a new quilting group made up of some of my guild members and also new gals that I’d never met. It’s not a guild, and is so new that it doesn’t have a name, but I really like this group that will get together one day a month for a whole day of working on whatever projects we please. I don’t really have time for “just meetings” and being able to chat and work on my projects was a great use of my time, and very relaxing, too. I spent the day making HSTs (half square triangles), and will put them together eventually for baby and throw quilts. Here is my stack of completed HSTs, and another “charm pack” of squares to turn into yet more HSTs. It was a great day!


One of the fun things I’ve been doing is planning for our little stand-alone farm store, which is still in the planning stages. Farmer Bob has chosen a perfect spot for it, and I’ve been watching the sale groups on Facebook and Craig’s List for furniture. I really scored yesterday! I got a large shallow bookshelf…and I do mean LARGE….for just $15. I’ll show you a picture after I get it painted. It’s all wood and will be perfect for displaying all our honey. It’s about 6 1/2 feet tall by 5 feet wide and only about 8 inches deep. Perfect! It is a very heavy piece and we’ll need to attach it to the wall. Then, late in the day, Farmer Bob went with me to check out a hutch, and we ended up meeting a new friend in the process. She was a great help in getting this piece loaded up on my truck. We sure couldn’t have done it without her help. Honestly, I can’t wait to move our farm market out of the garage into a permanent store building, but I can have fun collecting and planning until that day comes.


Come see us at our farm market on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m. and stock up on honey, fresh eggs, honey and beeswax soap and more, or call (803.804.3541) and make an appointment to take a fun tour of the farm. You can find us at 5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster.

Honey Jar Display

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