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Border Collies & Honey Bees


What a busy weekend we had here on Fox Trot Farm! Our hens are laying beautiful, extra large blue and brown eggs and, at $3.50/dozen, they are a real bargain! Come to the farm and stock up!

Basket Of Eggs 

This sure is a “bucket-o-chicks!” I put them in the bucket while I clean their brooder every day. They are warm and fluffy, and they love to have their picture taken while being cuddled. Bring the kids while these chicks are still small and adorable. They grow up so quickly! Click HERE for more info on tours. 

Bucket O Chicks   

We took some of our beehives down to Old McCaskill’s Farm and set up an apiary for visitors to see, and hopefully we’ll get enough honey to share with Kathy and her bed & breakfast guests.


This is Farmer Bob and me with our precious Border Collie, Carly, and her handsome and talented father, Neal.


Here is Farmer Bob talking with Brian Cash of Hardrock Border Collies. Neal is Brian’s dog, and Brian uses him to help herd his sheep and also to run in herding trials. Here you see that Brian is holding Carly’s leash. He’s taking Carly back to Georgia with him for 3 months of training. We sure do miss her already!


Someday we hope that our farm tours will include a demonstration of Carly herding our sheep…or ducks…or cats…or your children….just kidding there! She’s already good at giving hugs and kisses. 🙂

Claire and Avery are growing fast, too, so don’t miss out on holding them while they are still little lambs. We’re all set up for visitors to the farm, and have a public restroom, a hand washing station, honey snacks for the little kids (and big kids), and plenty of opportunities for you to leave the hustle and bustle of the fast lane and relax and share a little bit of country heaven on our farm! (Reserve your tour date now for your family or group.)

Claire Avery

We hope you have a wonderful week filled with joy and many blessings!


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