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Wild Flowers on the Back Forty on Fox Trot Farm
Wild Flowers on the Back Forty on Fox Trot Farm

Wild Flowers in the Pasture with Clarence & Peanut Butter


We basically have two completely different areas of our farm, one behind the house on “this side” of the creek, and the other is the Back Forty. Here is the Back Forty.

the back forty

The Back Forty


Clarence and Peanut Butter occupy the pasture on this side of the creek. They keep our flock of laying hens company. Here is their pasture (behind the hay bales). That’s Brody in the foreground on the pond dam.

Front Pasture

Front Pasture

Clarence & Peanut Butter greeting me in the morning

Clarence & Peanut Butter in their pretty flower-strewn pasture

From what I’ve been told by local foresters, much of our area used to be prairie, which means that it contained a diverse group of grasses and flowers. Bison and even camels grazed here at one time! Thankfully, we don’t have those big animals to contend with, but we do have some hangers-on from days gone by in the way of prairie flora. The pasture where Clarence and Peanut Butter and the hens live is full of wild flowers. Farmer Bob hasn’t had time to mow it and right now I’m glad he hasn’t. Our pollinators are happy, too. They love the flowers.

wild flowers in the pasture on Fox Trot Farm

Wild Flowers in the Pasture

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Even though the Back Forty doesn’t have as many wild flowers, it does have spectacular views of the sky!

Spectacular sky over the Back Forty on Fox Trot Farm

Spectacular sky over the Back Forty

(Update: Farmer Bob has mowed the pasture, but not before many of the flowers have gone to seed. They’ll be back next summer!)

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  1. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing! Miss you guys!

  2. Clarence is so pretty. Yes, your farm is beautiful.

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