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Wow! It sure has been a long time since I’ve updated this blog, and I’m going to try to do better.

We’ve been busy!

Nubian Dairy Goat & Babies

Trista and her babies

Trista, our Nubian doe, had triplets on a Friday, and then on Sunday, right during our farm market hours, Marble had hers. Our farm visitors got to watch the miracle of birth.

Nubian Doe & Kids

Marble and her babies

Poor Trista laid on one of hers the first night, so now she has two, but they are healthy and bouncing around like popcorn. Marble’s one baby, the largest black kid, couldn’t figure out where to find breakfast, so I’ve been milking her and bottle feeding the baby. This morning when I went out to milk and feed, he wasn’t hungry and his belly was fat! I guess he figured things out!

The breeder I bought Marble and Trista from said he wanted to buy back any doe kids, so of course, all the kids are boys. Ugh! I think I’ve found a pet home for at least two of them. If you want one for a pet, I’ll save one for you. They are extremely good dairy genetics, so if anyone wants a buck for breeding, please let me know that too, as soon as possible. 

Baskets of Eggs

Baskets of Eggs!

Our chickens are laying like crazy! Big, beautiful, blue and brown eggs, enough to fill the big basket every single day! (Here you see them as they come out of the hen houses and NOW you might understand why I wash our eggs according to state guidelines before selling them to our customers.)

We are continually surprised here on the farm by all the unexpected things that happen. One night at 8:30 we got a call from a fellow who had to leave town to take care of his elderly brother for an extended period of time. Would we take his chickens AND chicken coup? Of course we paid him, but it was a great deal all around! My friend Donna says this looks like a circus wagon and we agree! We put panels up around it, nest boxes on the front, and we now have some new, beautiful, young laying hens AND a chicken “tractor” built on a galvanized boat trailer. Works for us!

Chicken Tractor

Circus Wagon Chicken Tractor

We’ll be moving these chickens up the hill to join the rest of the flock eventually, but this was perfect for keeping them separate till we made sure they were all healthy.

We’ve been so honored to be allowed to bring our farm goods to the Waxhaw Farmers Market, and now we’re sold out of lamb till around March 24th or so. Before we sold out, we enjoyed some great lamb meals here on the farm:

Our Frenched Racks of Lamb

Our Loin Chops

Browning Lamb Meatballs in a Skillet

Our Lamb Meatballs

I found this sign at Provisions in Waxhaw and couldn’t resist! (Provisions sells our eggs, lamb, and quilted products from the farm.) If you haven’t shopped there, do stop in and browse and buy and say “hi” to Lisa and Ken!

Butcher Shop Sign

Big Bob’s Butcher Shop Sign

I hosted a big retreat in February for friends who sew with antique Featherweight sewing machines. My cousin came down from New Jersey for the retreat and, the last day, we had high tea party at Laura’s Tea Room for her birthday. It was fun to get silly and enjoy good food and friends!

Featherweight Lovers Retreat 2018

High Tea at Laura's Tea Room

High Tea at Laura’s Tea Room

I caught the “new year, time to clean out” bug and look how organized my spices are! (I had some that were dated 2006, I’m sorry to say!)

Organized spice cabinet

Spice Cabinet, all organized!

I bought a new bread cookbook and I’m working my way through it. Here are the first two recipes I tried. Farmer Bob pronounced them “delicious!”

Country Bread…took 3 days from start to finish but so worth it!

Tender Potato Bread

Last picture, I promise. I’m out of beeswax for my honey and beeswax soap, so I had to go through the very messy process of rendering wax from old foundation. This is GOLD for me to have. I plan to make soap all next week to get ready for the Old McCaskill’s Farm Shearing Day on April 21st. Here is the fruit of my labors. Well, I should say, here is the fruit I’ve harvested from my honey bees’ labors, right?

Beautiful, golden beeswax for my soap.

Farmer Bob is still giving guided tours every Sunday afternoon (weather permitting) at 2:00, and our own farm market is open from 1:00-5:00. We have so much fun with our visitors on Sunday afternoons! Come see us!



  1. Rosie is still “waiting!” She’s miserable. Hope it happens soon!

    love you!

  2. Love all the pictures…..especially of the ladies in their hats !~! Babies are adorable !!

    Any sign of Rosy delivering???

    That is one cool chicken house !! Looks like the Peacock was checking all the new hens !!

    Thanks for the update !

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