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Fox Trot Farm Muth Honey Jar
Fox Trot Farm Muth Honey Jar

We’ve added a new collectible honey jar in our farm market!


We’ve added a new collectible jar to our popular honey bear bank jars, and we think you’ll love it! It’s called a “Muth” jar, named after it’s 19th century inventor. During the 1800’s in America, this was the most popular honey jar, and no wonder…it’s just beautiful!

Fox Trot Farm Muth Honey Jar

Fox Trot Farm Muth Honey Jar

Here’s a picture I borrowed from the Internet, so you can see the gorgeous embossed side:

Embossed Muth Jar

Embossed Muth Jar

We currently offer the beautiful one pound jar filled with honey for just $15. It will look gorgeous on your table, and is a perfect hostess gift, too! (We will have the smaller, 4 oz. jar as part of a gift package closer to Christmas.) Each jar comes in our signature Fox Trot Farm gift bag. Add a card and you’ve got a special, ready-to-give collectible gift!

Of course, we also have our very popular honey bear bank jars for $10. What a great gift for kids and grands, teachers and favorite aunts, too! This affordable collectible honey bear bank comes with an extra coin slot lid and its own signature Fox Trot Farm gift bag.


We currently have a limited supply of our one-pound Muth jars, so get yours early to be sure you have it for gift giving this fall and Christmas. 

Come see us on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-5:00 and see these wonderful jars in person. Stock up on lamb, Granny Bee’s honey, baked goods, Fox Trot Farm honey & beeswax soaps, farm fresh eggs, quilted and crafty things, and more. See our animals on your own or take our 2:00 guided tour to get a chance to feed the chickens, pick up eggs from the hen house, learn about our predators and the guardian dogs who protect our sheep, and go right in the pen with some of our sheep and pet them! Feel Pork Chop the pig‘s bristles and even his soft nose!

Call or text 803-804-3541 if you have any questions.



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