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Fox Trot Farm Rack of Lamb
Fox Trot Farm Rack of Lamb

We’re going to be on TV!


***Tune in to SC ETV at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 23rd to see Fox Trot Farm featured on Making It Grow!***

We’re excited to share the good news that our farm is going to be featured on TV next week on the SC ETV (public television) show Making It Grow! You can tune in at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday to watch, or go to their website to watch the full episode after it airs. (Links follow.) Look for SC ETV on your guide…on our DirecTV it’s channel 30.

Last year while Bob and I were visiting the SC State Fair, I spied the show’s host, Amanda McNulty, sitting at the SC ETV booth and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person. (She’s quite a character and a brilliant, nationally acclaimed horticulturalist.) Here is a picture Farmer Bob took of Amanda and me at the fair.

Amanda McNulty at the SC State Fair with Debbie Burgess of Fox Trot Farm

Meeting Amanda McNulty at the SC State Fair

We got to talking and she asked all kinds of questions about our farm, and then she suggested that she might like to come for a visit and maybe do a show. Well, fast forward a few months and she called and set up a date, and told me the show’s crew would be coming and they would do a program about our farm! Wow! 

Amanda and her TV crew came out on the most beautiful spring day, and we enjoyed showing them our farm and even fed them a lunch of lamb burgers and deviled eggs so they could taste some of our farm products. We were impressed by how friendly and professional the show’s crew was….just regular guys, but with a special talent for bringing that informative and entertaining show into our living room every week. They wandered the farm taking pictures and video, and they set up the main interview out on the Back Forty, surrounded by one of our flocks of sheep and all the sounds of the farm. (They even braved going in with the rams to get video “up close and personal!” Can’t wait to see what makes it on to the show!)

I have no idea how I’ll look on TV. (Please remember that color TV is supposed to add 20 pounds, right? Ha!) I’m glad we got to talk about our farming practices and our small farm business and, most of all, our animals and how we care for them and make sure we produce the very finest quality meat and eggs, honey, soap, baked goods, and other products for the many folks who enjoy coming to our farm market on Sundays and for our guided tours

We’re so grateful to Amanda for giving us this rich experience that we never dreamed we’d have. Making It Grow highlights interesting places and products from around the state, and we sure are honored that they chose Fox Trot Farm for one of their shows!

Click here for more info about Making It Grow.

Click here for the link to the show after it airs.

Click here for more info about the host Amanda McNulty.

Stayed tuned. Same farm time; same farm channel! 🙂




  1. Congratulations Debbie! I loved visiting your farm in April. Too bad I couldn’t get this show in New Orleans.

  2. Just watched the Making It Grow show featuring your farm. It was so interesting.

  3. So exciting, Debbie! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. So excited for you. Get ready for things to just explode after it airs. I know a STAR!

  5. Exciting news. I’ll be watching. Miss you guys!

  6. *Record*. Can’t wait!!!

  7. How wonderful this is for you,can not wait to watch.

  8. I’ll be at retreat, but plan to watch online when I get back. Thanks to ETV for recognizing some of our awesome local farms! Congrats to Thames Farm for a great show and to Foxtrot Farm! I know this show will be wonderful as well!

  9. I am so excited for you!!! That’s wonderful!!! Don’t worry, you will look as pretty as always!!!

  10. Yay!

  11. Wow, that’s exciting! Y’all going to be on TV! I have to put it on my calendar!!!!!!

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