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We Have Lambs!


Hobart GuardingSpring lambing season is well underway, and all our girls are having multiples this year. “Margaret Thatcher” had triplets, but two were two weak to survive, unfortunately. Death of livestock is a tough part of farming. Their big sister was twice as large and is healthy and hopping around behind her mom.


SpecklesLast year, Speckles had one solid black lamb. This year, she’s had twins!


NurseryDeliveryWhen the ewes begin labor, they separate themselves from the rest of the flock. After they give birth, they and their babies get to know each other and rest before joining the flock two or three days later. This is a picture of two ewes with their newborns and one ewe (in the middle) that is in labor. We called this area “the nursery” because most of the moms have chosen this far end of the pasture to give birth.


Ewe and Lambs

Here’s that same ewe from the previous picture, now resting with her two new babies.


Lambs Keeping Up with Ewe

In just a couple of days, the moms bring their babies together with other new moms and babies. The little ones race to catch up with their mothers and, before you know it, they are frolicking on their own, but never venture far from their mothers.


Lambs and Mom


What a pretty time of year for babies on the farm!

Redbuds against Carolina Blue Sky



  1. Great pictures of the new Mom’s & babies…..looks like things are underway, keeping you busy watching your girls ! Hope you have lots of doubles to increase the herd ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. I love to see those babies!!

  3. thanks for the update, enjoy your Spring! Such cute babies!

  4. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  5. Glad to see spring and babies.

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