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Baby Lambs
Baby Lambs

We have baby lambs!

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We have baby lambs! Boy, do we ever have baby lambs! Twenty-three at the last count! Some are bouncing all over the pasture, and others are just wobbly newborns like these.

Newborn Lambs

Hobart, our Anatolian Shepherd, is doing a great job guarding his growing flock. He eats all the afterbirth and chases away all the buzzards who are attracted by the scent. They would kill newborn lambs, but not when Hobart is on duty.

Hobart and his Flock

Mommas get their newborns up and moving within 10 minutes of birth, and they get strong quickly on their mother’s rich milk. See them running to keep up with their momma?

Lambs Keeping Up with Momma

Can you see the rainbow? The sky always surprises us on the Back Forty. The sheep you see here are mothers with newborns. They keep their babies away from the flock for a couple of days until they are strong enough to follow them across the pasture.

At the End of the Rainbow

When there are lambs, Hobart is on duty 24 hours a day. Eagles and hawks and buzzards are daytime predators, and coyotes, owls, and feral and neighborhood dogs are night time predators. Here he is resting, but ever watchful. He’s such a good boy.

Hobart Rests

Once again, the sky offers up its beauty on the Back Forty!

Beautiful sky on the Back Forty

Our farm market is open every Sunday afternoon from 1:00-5:00, with Farmer Bob’s guided tour at 2:00. He’s still not able to drive the tractor to pull the hay wagon, so this is an easy walking tour. (He’s doing great, by the way, and his arm is healing nicely.) We’ll be back at the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market on the 27th, and will be fully stocked with lamb on November 3rd. 

The weather is cooling off (thank goodness), and the pasture is full of bouncing lambs, so come see us on Sunday!


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    I recall your son being a chef in Panama City Fl, and I’ve been thinking about him since hurricane Michael. I hope he is well.
    During our recent trip to Iceland, we discovered how delicious lamb is. We all agreed it is more delicious and tender than any filet mignon we’ve eaten. I would love to buy lamb from you. Please advise as to what I would need to purchase that would be similar to eating a beef filet.

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