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Waxhaw Farmer’s Market


***Our Farm Market and Guided Tour will not be open tomorrow, Sunday, April 15, due to the forecasted severe weather.***

Farmer Bob suggested that we get a table at a local farmer’s market and, since the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market is our FAVORITE local market, I contacted them, made application, our farm was inspected, and we were approved! That was an exciting day for us this past winter, and a bit scary since we’ve never done anything like this before. 

We started in February when the market winter schedule was every other Saturday from 10:00-Noon. We figured this light schedule would give us time to work out our kinks before the crowds and weekly Saturday schedule of the spring, and it did!

EVERY market day in February and March was freezing cold with blustery winds! Most Saturdays in between were warm and sunny…just the way Mother Nature decided to get her kicks, I guess, but we persevered. Opening day for the regular season was Saturday, April 7th, and we packed up our goods and got organized on Friday wearing tee shirts and loving the sun. Dawn broke on opening day to rain and 42 degrees! You can see in the picture below that we still made it, but without our homemade soap since that doesn’t do well in 100% humidity. (Suds, suds, suds!)

Our table on a cold and rainy opening day.

We didn’t realize it, but there are some real die-hard farmer’s market patrons who come out rain or shine, and we had a GREAT opening day in spite of the weather. Today’s market was the best weather we’ve had. It was sunny and warm (but there was that wind again) and we had a very nice crowd and another good day. You can see in this picture that we have changed up our displays a bit. I need to hide all that stuff under the table, don’t I? 

We’ve almost sold out of honey, so we’ll add more soap and will have our lamb and honey sticks, spa washcloths and soap savers and, of course, our beautiful brown and blue eggs.

I wish I had a chance to get pictures of the other farmers that are there. One of the rules of this market is that everyone must grow or raise what they bring to market, or craft it themselves in the case of handmade goods. I think that’s a GREAT rule and is one of the main reasons we’ve loved this market so over the years. Everyone is so friendly, too, and as we get to know the other farmers, we are really feeling like we’re part of a community.

If we get set up early enough, I visit some of the other vendors and make my purchases for the day. I usually only have time to hit one or two. Over the winter I’ve been buying fresh greens from our market neighbor, Piney Oak Farm. Here’s some mixed baby kale before and after. It was so delicious and TASTED like good health!

Last Saturday, I bought some grass fed ground beef from T&D Farm . Here’s the “before” and the “after.” So delicious! (They are a big operation compared to us!)

Opening day, I couldn’t pass up this gorgeous container of succulents from Sharonview Farm. I also bought a pound (a whole pound!) of fresh shitake mushrooms, which is their specialty.

One thing we always look forward to is our lunch after we’ve packed up from the market, and today we went to one of our favorite spots, Mary O’Neills Irish Pub. We LOVE their food, especially their Reuben sandwiches, and that’s what we had today with their homemade chips. Farmer Bob and I sit and talk about all the fun we had at the market that morning. Doesn’t he look happy?

Farmer Bob at Mary O'Neills

Well, it’s time to milk so I’d better get this finished and get outside. It’s supposed to be an afternoon and evening of severe weather tomorrow, so we decided we will announce today that we won’t be opening our own farm market and guided tour tomorrow. We hope you stay posted and come visit us next week either at the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market on Saturday or on our farm for fun and a tour on Sunday. 

Until then, Kyra is going to help me make some more of my hand made cotton washcloths.

Cat helping crochet







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