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Bee rug
Bee rug

A Trip to PA Dutch Country and Amish Quilt Shops


*** Our farm market will be open today, Sunday Aug. 26th, from 1:00-5:00. Guided hay wagon ride tours at 1:30 & 3:00. Please call ahead to make sure you’ll have a seat. Our wagon holds just 10 people. Eggs, honey, soap and more in the market!***

I took some friends to PA Dutch country this past week and it was the perfect time of year for them to see all the gorgeous farms there. We drove through the countryside and rode the narrow ribbons of paved road that snaked through what seemed like miles and miles of cornfields. Of course, one of the best treats in that area is to see the Amish working their fields. I was driving so I didn’t get many pictures, and that’s a shame because the weather was perfect, and the sun cast a soft, warm light on everything. I have LOTS of Kodak Moments in my memory: the farmer cutting his hay with a team of beautiful horses, the solid color dresses, aprons, and britches dancing in the breeze from high clotheslines, the open carriage of a “plain” family, with the girls all in pretty bonnets and dressed in pastels, the beautiful beds of tall zinnias in every yard, and the sunflowers that towered over them and, most of all, the tidy farms with yards of thick, trimmed green lawns studded with flower beds and perfect vegetable gardens, orchards behind painted houses with spotless windows, the big three story bank barns sheltering big holstein cows in the barn cellars, and the tall silos that will soon be filled with silage to feed all those dairy cows all winter long.

I grew up near the Amish, but I still learned things I didn’t know when I took the girls on the Amish Farm and House Tour. I highly recommend, if you ever get to Lancaster, PA, to take this tour. Do the bus tour as well as the house tour, the premium package. It’s less than $30 and is well worth the money. You’ll see a lot of beautiful farms and will learn a great deal about the Amish and other “plain people.”

I’ll tell more about our trip in the next blog post (I brought home 10 dozen ears of corn from the Amish farm I always get veggies from) but now it’s time to get unpacked and ready for our farm market this afternoon. I’ll be husking corn all afternoon so, if you’d like to come for a visit and stay awhile, I’ll put you to work! hahaha

We’re open from 1:00-5:00 this afternoon and Farmer Bob will be giving his hay wagon ride guided tour at 1:30 and 3:00. It’s a beautiful day on Fox Trot Farm!


Bee rug

I think this is beautiful and I hope to paint one as soon as I find a rug!




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