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Time to Stock your Freezer for 2022-2023!


We’ve harvested our delicious lamb and so it’s time to restock your freezer. We always get requests for lamb for Easter, for summer grilling, for stews, casseroles, and pasta sauces, long after we’ve sold out, so please plan ahead and order enough of your favorite cuts to last till our next harvest in October 2023! Call or text Debbie at 803-804-3541 with your order. You can pick it up at the farm or at the Matthews Community Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Check this website for lots of delicious recipes and share your favorites with us to post here on the website and add to our cookbook. We love the flavor of our pasture raised lamb and we know you will too!

Pasture Raised, Lean & Tender Lamb from Fox Trot Farm

Frenched Racks $25.99/lb. (9 rib) (grilling, frying, roasting)
Loin Chops $21.99/lb. (2 per pack, approximately 1 1/4″ thick) (grilling, frying)
Legs, Bone-in $13.99/lb. (Grilling, roasting, cutting for making kabobs)
Shanks, $13.99/lb. (2 per pack) (braising, stewing, roasting)
Kabob/Stew $14.99/lb. (variable size packs) (Kabobs, grilling, stew, soup)
White Wine & Garlic Sausage $11.99/lb. (1#pack, looks like bratwurst) (frying, grilling, stir fry, pizza, pasta sauces)
Ground $10.99/lb. (Burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, pasta sauces, Shepherd’s Pie, etc.)
Neck Roast $10.99/lb. (Braising, stewing)
Bones/Ribs $3.99/lb. (Great for making bone broth!)

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