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Pretty lamb
Pretty lamb

This ewe gave us the prettiest lamb of all!


Our sheep aren’t pets, you know. We haven’t named most of the ewes, but we couldn’t resist giving a few of them names due to their outstanding personality or physical characteristics: Margaret Thatcher because she was always the bold leader as she was a young ewe; Chesterfield because her voice sounds like she’s been smoking filterless Chesterfield cigarettes, S’Mores because her coloring reminded Farmer Bob of the graham cracker, chocolate bar, marshmallow treat, and so on. We love all our ewes and take good care of them, even those without names.

This girl doesn’t have a name but maybe we should give her one, because she’s given us the prettiest lamb I think we’ve ever had. Just look at that little white one. Look at that little pink nose!

Pretty lamb

prettiest lamb

If this is a little girl, I think we’ll keep her!

We’re going to be starting back to the Waxhaw Farmer’s market soon and I need to get busy making soap to build my inventory. It’s supposed to be a rainy day today, so I’ll spend the whole day doing that. I have a quilt to finish for a friend, and I’ve been invited to join another good friend at her family’s beach house for a few days’ escape next week, and no way am I going to pass that up. Farmer Bob is doing better every day with his arm and is able to drive his tractor now. Yay! Life is busier and more blessed than ever, it seems!

We’ll be open for business tomorrow, Sunday, from 1:00-5:00 with our guided tour at 2:00. It’s supposed to be a lovely, sunny, cool, autumn day so we hope you’ll come for a visit and we’ll show you all our new baby lambs. They are getting more independent and ganging up for races, and hopping all over the pasture with the joy of living.

In the meantime, here’s my favorite recent picture of the Back Forty sky. It’s just magical and is a new gift every day.

Back Forty Sky


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