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Pregnant Ewes
Pregnant Ewes

Still waiting, Farmer Bob and Welsh Harlequins get their winter plumage


Just look at this lineup! These ewes have udders that are filling up, a sure sign that we’ll be seeing lambs soon. For now, we all wait!

Pregnant Ewes

Farmer Bob continues to do well after his surgery, with no sign of infection and no pain. Of course, his arm is immobilized, so that helps. Friday we go back to the surgeon and he’ll replace the splint with an adjustable brace. Then he’ll have PT once a week, where they’ll slowly adjust the brace to extend his arm over the next month. He rode on the golf cart with me while I did chores last evening. I know he’s thinking about all he has to do but can’t.

Farmer Bob

When the Welsh Harlequin ducks molt in the spring, their feathers come back a drab color. Then, when they molt in the fall, their winter feathers grow in vibrant and beautiful. You can see signs of the beauty to come in this picture.

Believe it or not, we need rain, and it looks like it’s coming. I just hope it falls gently and the ground can absorb it so it won’t run off into the creeks and rivers. Our friends on the coast sure don’t need higher rivers. Please keep them in your prayers.

We won’t be open for business again this coming weekend, but we do have eggs and honey if you want to come by to get some in the meantime. Just give me a call or text at 803-804-3541 to let me know when you’re coming.




  1. I just saw your farm on ETV and am happy to hear about your farm and products and working with the Girl Scouts. Hopefully my family and I can visit you soon!

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