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Mr. Peacock at the front door

We had a scary storm yesterday!


***No Farm Market or Guided Tour today due to the heavy rains last evening
and all through the night and early morning.***

The weatherman said we’d have a chance of storms yesterday afternoon, and boy, did we ever! The sky grew dark dark dark to the southwest while Farmer Bob hurried and got the feed and hay unloaded from his truck.  I ran outside to move my truck from under a tree to park it in its safe spot and, on the way back to the house, I stopped to take care of the bunnies. I laid my truck keys on top of the hutch while I filled up their waterers and topped off their feed. (Remember that!)

I had decided on making a boiled supper (ham, cabbage & potatoes, YUM) for supper, but looking at that sky made me think that we might not have power once the storms hit, so I got out the pressure cooker. I used to cook for folks in Charlotte as a personal chef, and years ago I’d purchased a Russell Hobbs 8 quart electric pressure cooker to speed up my client cook days. I guess I was way ahead of the Instant Pot craze. I actually love this pressure cooker. It’s like a big oval slow cooker, only it’s a pressure cooker. I got supper started and the storm hit!

Farmer Bob had put Cookie in the house and had just gone out to put the rest of the dogs in the kennel and feed the cats when the storm descended in all its fury. It was dark as twilight and torrents of rain fell with what looked like gale force winds, the way the trees were blowing. The house shook with thunder and Cookie was scared! I peeked out the back door to the cabin and took a picture.

Cabin in the storm
The rain was coming down so hard that you can barely see the trees beyond the cabin roof. Farmer Bob was in the cabin and he said that all the dogs were huddled around him. Then the pea size hail fell and it was loud in the cabin because of the tin roof, but with lumber and things in the loft, it wasn’t too bad. Farmer Bob said it was probably even more loud in the goat barn, hitting that tin roof with nothing to muffle the sound. 

Meanwhile, I decided to step out onto the front porch to watch the storm, and found Mr. Peacock at the front door. I swear, if I’d have opened the door and invited him inside, he’d have been a house guest! I decided to leave him alone, and I went back to cooking supper.

Mr. Peacock at the front door during the storm

The power flickered a few times (thank you Duke Energy) and the Internet went out (Ugh, Comporium!), but I had supper ready in less than an hour thanks to my pressure cooker. Farmer Bob was drenched when he finally came in for a hot shower and supper, and the rain continued more gently for several hours. During the night more loud storms moved through, and a lot more gentle rain. 

This morning when I went out to open the brooder house at dawn to let the biddies out, there was a stream running down the dam spillway from the pond, and the back creek looked like a river flowing under the footbridge. There are lakes of standing water everywhere and the ducks are happy happy! The weatherman tells me that we might have more storms this morning and it will be cloudy till after 1:00. Today won’t be sunny enough to dry things off enough for visitors to enjoy a tour, so we’re going to be closed for the day. We hope to be open for Farmer Bob’s guided tour next Sunday, May 12th, if the weather cooperates.

In the meantime, if you need eggs or honey, just call or text me when you want to come by. My cell # is 803-804-3541.

Remember that I told you that I laid my truck keys on top of the rabbit hutch when I took care of the bunnies? Well, Farmer Bob brought them in with him. The keys AND fobs took the full drenching of the storm! I have never had that happen before, but I remember reading that people who drop their cell phones in water dry them successfully by burying them in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight.
Drying out the truck key fobs
They both work this morning and I hope there are no lasting ill effects from being out in the storm. I’m so glad Farmer Bob found them or they’d have been outside in all the rain the whole night long!

We hope YOU weather the storms that hit you this spring. It’s that time of year. Are you prepared?


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