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Lamb Bones for Broth
Lamb Bones for Broth

Sale on Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Lamb Bones!


***Lamb bones, ribs, liver and other offal just $1.99 a pound! Fill up your freezer!***
We won’t be at the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market this Saturday, but will be here at the farm for egg and lamb sales every day.

We’re getting ready for our participation in the Ag-Art Tour of farms and ag businesses, so we won’t be at the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market till July 14th. when we’ll have our fresh harvest of honey. We also won’t be having our regular Sunday farm market hours till June 9/10, the weekend of the county-wide Ag-Art tour. (We hope you put that on your calendar and plan to come visit us for all the festivities. More about that in a later post.)

This morning I ordered a new freezer, and I need to clean out our big chest freezer, so we are having a great sale on lamb bones, ribs, liver and other offal. Please help me clean out our freezer! Your choice, just $1.99/lb.! Now is the time to stock up on bones for bone broth! Once these are gone, we won’t be restocking till October. Remember, our animals are pasture raised on grass and sunshine, and processed at a Certified Humane & USDA inspected facility.  Just give me a call or text me so that I can be sure to be home when you come to the farm. My cell # is 803-804-3541. I expect we will sell out quickly!

Lamb Bones for Broth

Meaty Bones for Broth

Lamb Liver & other Offal

Lamb Liver and other Offal

While you’re here, pick up some of our beautiful fresh eggs. They are just $3.50 a dozen here on the farm. Clean so you don’t have to wash them, and fresh so you can stock up.

Fox Trot Farm Eggs

Clean eggs ready for your kitchen

Just down the road is Rich Hill Farms. I picked up two more gallons of strawberries yesterday. They are just $14 a gallon. Fresh, sweet, delicious! I made more shortcake, too. In case you missed it, HERE is the recipe. Just look at these beauties! Stop by, get some of these strawberries, and tell Kirk that I sent you. 🙂

Rich Hill Farms Strawberries

Rich Hill Farms Strawberries

Remember to call or text me before you come by. We look forward to seeing you here on Fox Trot Farm!

Maremma Guardian Dog Thelma

Thelma says hi!


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