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strawberry from the ivy place
strawberry from the ivy place

Quilting, Strawberries, and Farm Market Closed on Sunday, 4/29


***Our Farm Market and Tour Closed Today***

Just look at this strawberry Farmer Bob brought home from the Waxhaw Farmers’ Market on Saturday!

strawberry from the ivy place

Strawberry from The Ivy Place farm

It was DELICIOUS! This morning I sliced up 2 cups of these gorgeous berries to make strawberry bread this evening. Our annual quilting retreat got off to a great start yesterday morning and we’re having a fun tea party on Wednesday, so I’m making little tea sandwiches from the strawberry bread, and I’ll fill them with our fresh chevre that I’ve made from Marble and Trist’s milk. I’ll post the recipe for the bread in another upcoming blog post, so stay tuned!

Poor Rosie has been very sick and I’ve been so worried about her. She had a cut on her udder, and then developed mastitis when bacteria entered through the wound into the tissue deep in her udder. I’ve heard of mastitis before but, since having dairy animals of any kind is new to us, this is the first time we are dealing with this potentially deadly illness.

Happy Goats Finished MIlking

Poor Rosie!

The good news is that with the help and support of two veterinarian friends and other goat dairy friends, it looks like she’s on the mend. She’s still not out of the woods, but seems to be on the road to recovery. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to give her any more shots, and she will too! She’s such a drama queen and whines and complains, but that’s really a GOOD sign that she’s feeling better. When her temperature was high and she was miserable, she didn’t care what happened to her. Now she’s back to her bossy, fussy old self, for the most part. Her udder is still swollen but the milk coming out of it is improving in color and odor. Farming!

My cousin, Jenny, drove down from New Jersey for the retreat and she and our friend Debbie, who drove up from Jacksonville, FL, each got to try their hand at milking Trist, who (next to Rosie) has got to be my favorite goat of all. She’s easy going and affectionate and so easy to milk. She was a gold star winner with her patience when I was learning to milk her, and so I knew she would be tolerant with our friends, and she was. That was all they needed, and I’m back to spending my zen time with my girls twice a day and they are giving me lots of milk to drink and make cheese.

Since I’ll be tied up at the quilting retreat, we won’t be having market hours at the farm this afternoon. Farmer Bob will spend the day working on turning his hay wagon into a hay RIDE wagon. He’s cleaning out the goat stalls for me since I’ve had such back trouble, so he’ll do that and clean the hen houses today, too. Shovel out the old and in with the new, fresh shavings and straw is on his agenda today. It will be a beautiful day to be outside, no matter what chores are on the list!

We hope to see you next weekend at the Waxhaw Farmers’ Market on Saturday and here at our farm for our market and guided tour on Sunday!




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