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Quilters of South Carolina Quilt Expo


You all know that I am big time into quilting, and so I couldn’t miss this year’s Quilters of South Carolina Expo (quilt show)! One of my quilty/beek/soap making girl friends and I spent the better part of the day together, and that was an added bonus!

If you’re never been to a quilt show (or expo), you really should go at least one time when you have the opportunity. Quilting is art work! It’s like visiting a huge gallery filled with beautiful work by many different hands….so many different styles and colors and textiles are used. If you are a quilter, then HELLO VENDOR ROW!!!! I must admit that I was inspired by the quilts and broke by the time I finished with the vendors! (hahahaha) I DID get a few things:

I sure don’t know why these pictures are sideways, but you can still see what they are. (For you non-quilters, we amass a huge amount of fabric scraps and pieces, called “stash.” This vendor is an independent business woman who has designed these templates and patterns to deal with our “stash.” She has several patents pending! I bought one template, and she donated the other one to be a door prize for our 2018 Homeplace Quilting Retreat. Wow! Wasn’t that nice? And I didn’t even ask! If you’re interested in her tools, please visit her website HERE.

Stash Tools

Stash Tools

I LOVE books….ALL books…fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, DIY books, and quilting and stitchery books! I always check online (using my phone) to see if I can get a better price on the book than the vendors charge and, considering shipping charges, I was way better off doing business with this nice vendor.


Here are some of the most beautiful quilts we saw. Ok…looks like all of these might be sideways. You can appreciate them even sideways!

The following two are variations of a pattern called “log cabin.” So much work went into the first one, but drab colors aren’t my favorite.

Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin with Paper Pieced Stars

This is another log cabin quilt and I love all these colors with the black background. Seems like the stripes are jumping off the quilt, doesn’t it?


This pineapple themed quilt was being raffled off by a group of quilters who make tiny quilts for infants in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at the hospital in Columbia. I LOVE this theme and all the happy colors! The ladies said this was a group effort and, of course, I bought a ticket!

Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt

Don’t you just love these poppies? They are appliqued onto the fabric and, if you look closely, you can see that the quilting pattern is poppies, too. Every time I see red poppies, I think of the Wizard of Oz and the snow that fell on the field of poppies, taking away the sleeping spell cast on Dorothy’s friends by the Wicked Witch of the West. Remember that?


Here are some more appliqued works of art. This takes a LOT of time and talent to do, and the quilting really is gorgeous, too!

Orchid Quilt1

What a beauty this one is! I took a close up shot of this one because I thought the background fabric was a black metallic, but it was just black with tiny white dots. What an optical illusion! The quilting was magnificent, too. Notice the red thread used for quilting accents? Wow!


Here is the full quilt…definitely the star of the whole show for me!

This is my favorite of the show!

This is my favorite of the show!

I hope you enjoyed my visit to the QSC Quilt Expo. They go on all across the country, so find one and enjoy the art!




  1. Now I know what I missed. I will have to put this on my calendar for 2018.

  2. I am so bummed I missed this show and the vendors. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos!

  3. All are very very pretty! I am looking forward to finally going to the Jax Quilt Expo in September.


  5. Glad you got to go. I love quilts too and Quilt Shows.

  6. I enjoyed your pictures of those amazing quilts!

  7. Hey Deb! Thanks for sharing. I don’t quilt but sure do love seeing them. By the way, the pictures look fine. They didn’t appear “sideways” on my phone! Tell Bob hey!
    Miss seeing you guys!

    • Good to know the pictures were right side up for you. 🙂 It was just amazing…all those beautiful quilts in one place! I’ll tell Bob you say “hey” and we think of you and Susan often and all the fun we all had together. Good memories with The Taste Buds!

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