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Trajectory of Hurricane Florence

Prepping for Hurricane Florence Today


We’ve been checking things off our prepping list here at the farm, and I think we’re in pretty good shape. The generator fired right up, the weather radio has batteries and is working great, I’m charging our bank charger for our phones, my Kindle will be fully charged, we have lots of water (just in case), and are stocked up on first aid and prescription meds. I’ve taken down the flags and spent the morning outside either taking things down or putting them up. Everything that could be a missile is secured. 

Farmer Bob went out today and picked up extra feed and hay for the animals. I put fresh straw in the goat stalls. Those girls have no idea what is coming, and were just plain excited about getting fresh straw to rummage through for oats to munch on. Here they are:

Dairy Goats in Fresh Straw

This coming storm will be a true test of Farmer Bob’s goat barn, and we’re so sure it will stand up to the storm that we might take shelter in it!  (Just kidding, of course!) We’ll be closing them in their stall Saturday afternoon before the bad rains begin, then we’ll bring the young ewes up into the goat pasture. Their pasture will turn into a run off branch flowing into the pond. Not the whole thing, but it will run through the center and we want them on the side near the goats, and not the other side.

You remember my mascot spider from the last post? Well, I have a few others. These are those big garden spiders. Some people call them “writing spiders” due to the pattern they weave into their web. There were  several hanging on the outside of the barn from the roof, and all but one of those have disappeared. I am thinking they were eaten by birds. Here’s one that is left:

Writing Spider

Here’s the big one that is hanging under the overshot. She looks like she’s writing a compound sentence. hahaha

Writing Spider

I hope these ladies take shelter before they blow away!

I’ve been cooking ahead and cleaning out the fridge. Today I made chicken salad. I’m trying to eat healthier and drop a few pounds so, instead of pork barbecue, last night I made roasted salmon with Windswept Farms Smoky Sweet BBQ Rub on it. It is DELICIOUS and is great on chicken and pork chops, too. My friend and neighbor Beth makes this, so if you’d like some, just email her at wndswpt@msn.comI also made roasted acorn squash (instead of candied sweet potatoes) and I fixed a big pot of fresh collard greens. It sure tasted like a real barbecue dinner! OH! I added cornbread made with another friend’s home ground blue corn meal. I didn’t indulge in that, but Farmer Bob had TWO pieces. Thank you for that delicious cornmeal, Debbie Williford! Here’s his supper:

Smoky Sweet BBQ Rub

(Those are slices of our own garden tomatoes. I sure am gonna miss them when they’re finished!)

Tomorrow morning, Farmer Bob has his MRI appt. for his torn bicep, and is scheduled to consult with a surgeon on Monday morning. The way this storm is looking, though, that Monday morning appointment may get rescheduled. We’ll just have to wait and see. Here’s the latest trajectory for Florence:

We’re right about in the middle of that first “t” in the word “Charlotte.” Looks like we’ll get the brunt of the wind and rain on the “wrong” side of Flo as it passes to the south of us and then circles back to keep us in her weather as she travels north to the west of us. Lots and lots of rain plus gusty tropical storm wind are a good recipe for downed trees. One more day of preparation and then we’ll start feeling the wind Saturday morning. We’re ready to meet Florence head on. 

Now I think I’ll go back to my sewing room to work for a while (sewing therapy) because I’m just tired of thinking about the possibilities of what this storm might bring. Prayers for everyone it its path. I’ll try to keep you all posted.



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